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What are the most anti-inflammatory foods?

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    Originally posted by spicegirl View Post
    Hey, regarding shampoos, has anyone made their own? I was looking at the skin deep database (ewg dot org /skindeep) and there is a lot of really toxic stuff even in so-called "natural" shampoo and skin care products.

    I like to mess around with stuff, so I may try some homemade shampoo. I found an easy recipe on wellnessmama. I've used bronner's soap and I think it would be really harsh as shampoo.

    This gals stuff is very nice but too pricey for me:
    Terressentials Organic Hair Care

    So I bought the Rhassoul clay from an herbalist, added ACV and some nettle tea, maybe a bit of oil. It is incredibly cleansing! But I couldn't use it too often or in too potent a mixture w/ my baby fine hair. However, at the right consistency and w/ the right hair, it works great to cleanse the scalp.

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      Originally posted by spk View Post
      Sauerkraut - is that Merkel eating as your avatar???! aahaha so funny.
      yep! that's her eating chocolate