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    Hello, there. I'm trying to lose fat and want to use the equations mark uses for the Korgs in the book. How do I determine if I am moderately or highly active? My commute 5 days a week includes 30 to 35 minutes of walking. I work in an office, but have a standing work station. I do bikram yoga once or twice a week and vinyasa yoga once or twice a week, 90 minute sessions, as my schedule/energy level allows. I do not drive (I live in Brooklyn) so I bike and walk to do most everything like errands, food shopping, and just for leisure. When I can get to the gym I run sprints on the treadmill- this is sometimes more than once every 7 to 10 days and sometimes less, again depending on schedule/energy. I am 38, 5 foot 3 and 130 lbs and have been eating primarily paleo/primal for 3 years now (was vegetarian for over 20 years before that). I am very disciplined and motivated, but then tend to burn out. Maintaining good energy has been a problem for me for years. I have been trying to keep in the sweet spot at 75 carb grams per day as the book specifies, but either lose energy or have insane cravings after a while. In addition to activity, my stress level is on the higher end pretty consistently lately (work and wedding planning, plus the regular life stuff) Any advice on how to adjust my macros to lose about 10 pounds of fat- in the next 3 months preferably- would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!