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Fungal infections?

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  • Fungal infections?

    Primal made me feel great in the beginning. I was absolutely loving the changes in energy and all the (many) other benefits for a few months. In the last few months, however, I have felt like total crap. I've been lethargic, had acne in spite of constant unnatural chemical treatments I apply on my face, a discolored (white-ish) tongue, have had a "sluggish" and sickly feeling gut, some weird emotional troubles, sleep problems, oddly behaving sex drive (sorry folks, wanted to list everything) , and pain in my joints (that in particular worries me, I'm still in high school). I know that some people are way too quick to point to fungal infections in digestive systems and all, but from everything I've found online it looks like Candida or something like it. I eat lots of red meat, eggs, dark chocolate, sweet potatoes. occasionally avocado, bananas, apples. I know I need to start eating more veggies (mostly eat carrots).

    Thoughts? (Sorry if this isn't exactly the right thread)

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    Hi Primalsaber, is there a chance you aren't eating enough? (Count for a few days... results can be shocking!) Also maybe play with FODMAPS some maybe? I don't know what kind of digestion issues you are having, I was having some bad diarrhea but also constipation. It helped me alot, apples, avocados and sweet potatoes were problematic for me before I got things sorted out after a few weeks. I still have some skin issues, cold and fatigue from not having much body fat (%15, female) and not enough calories some days.


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      Could you explain the FODMAPS please? I tried to look it up but I'm still a little confused. I should probably be consuming some more calories, come to think of it...


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        I can't find the good handout online about it now, but google "low FODMAP diet" and you should get plenty of decent info.

        The idea is to limit fermentable sugar intake (the fruits and vegetables that are restricted are for the most part those with a high fructose to glucose ratio). Thus, really ripe bananas are fine, pineapples are not. Also, I found that not eating enough carbs (like more than a banana or so a day) gives me some slow digestion issues. (See "Safe Starches" and Paul Jaminet, I think it's him, says that you need some carbs to make mucous).


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          Good stuff on FODMAPs
          My journal:


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            The whole issue of fungi disturbs me a bit. Nobody really seems to know much about the topic. I made a thread a few days ago about sinuses, and fungi have been implicated, but it's not certain. I'd love to hear some solid science on candida and fungi.

            Candida sounds like a nightmarish creature, able to feed on sugars AND ketones--or so I hear. So what the hell can you do about it? When I last chatted to my GP about it, he seemed to think the issue was overblown or at least not particularly well understood.


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              Thanks a bunch to you two for the FODMAP info, I'll see about limiting them when I begin to cut fat around my birthday. To Sabre, this post was actually spurred on by seeing your post and the mention of Candida. Do you trust your GP? I've heard a lot of holistic health practitioners (who, granted, may be too open to new ideas) say the infections are a lot more common than we believe. I know Mark put up an article on Candida a while back but I haven't read it in a while. If it feeds off of both carbs and Ketones, then I'd say that the FODMAP idea is promising. I'd imagine the solution to be to eat 50-75ish grams of carbs almost entirely from Veggies. Particularly ones from the above Stanford Hospital link. I would like to see more science as well.