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Eating your BMR

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  • Eating your BMR

    Is eating your bmr or lower safe long term?

    I'm trying to lose fat a little faster since it's summer and experiminted eating my bmr and lower. I was surprised that after 2 weeks, i didn't feel weak or hungry. I also do basic strength exercises 3x a week

    BMR: 1500-1600 calories
    TDEE: 1800 calories

    Breakfast: 6 pastured eggs
    Snack: almonds or fruit
    Dinner: Cod fish or salmon, with 6 more eggs.
    Total calories: 1,100-1,200

    Breakfast/dinner haven't changed, i just eliminated my lunch (big salad) and cooking oils. I eat more eggs for dinner because i can't eat beef, don't like chicken, and wild fish gets pricey. I don't feel weak, i can actually continue doing this for a while since i'm not hungry. But is it safe for longterm? I have a day where i eat more calories, usually saturdays when i go out with friends or use it as my cheat day
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