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    can't find it now, but someone posted a wonderfull link to Regalia Vodka with russian drinking tips. Lots of tips about drinking tea, but bottom line was drink pure vodka, no soda and you will have no hangover.

    A bit sceptical at first i decided to try it out: A lot harder than i thought since my discipline on the "no soda" was fading after a couple of vodka shots. However i have now managed to drink only pure booze (mostly vodka, but also whiskey and gin) for three months. My conclusion is that the concept work: lots of drunkeness; little to no hangover.

    I don't know if this fits the PB but since I learned about the concept of "only booze" here i decide to share it here.
    If you decide to go for "only booze"-drinking try Swedens Absoulut Vodka or Stolichnaya, they are the only vodkas I manage to drink with only ice and lemon (tried KronVodka yesterday - yuck - struggled to get it down).

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    I'm not sure how getting "lots of drunkeness" fits with a primal lifestyle. A very moderate intake is possibly ok for some people, but if you're serious about eliminating toxins from your diet, then surely alcohol should be one of them? Google 'alcohol dna damage' for starters; there's plenty of medical evidence out there implicating alcohol in a host of health concerns.

    By all means, if you're going to drink, choose the best option that suits - whether that's a fine quality red wine, a single malt whisky or a pure vodka; but don't kid yourself about the alcohol itself, is all.


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      You're either a youngster an alcoholic or both. Drinking to get drunk without suffering any consequences is wishful thinking. As you grow up you realise that there are other consequences to drinking than just hangovers. I'm not just talking about the serious damage to your brain, liver and digestive system, but to the social factors as well. I work with addicts who used to think it was fun, and now know that it is deadly serious. Good friends are replaced with drinking friends, relationship potential evaporates, because who wants to get involved with a drunk. School work or your career suffers. I've seen it over and over and I feel sad when I see young people headed down this path.
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        I agree with Jo. The older you get, the more you see how much more people age when they have been getting drunk since their teens. Living the 'hard/fast' life is no good.

        I do however believe in drinking 4oz of red wine with my dinner on 3-4 nights a week. The acidity helps digestion and you get the good reservatrol. So drink moderately. Everything in moderation is the key to a healthy life (excluding bread/grains)
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