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Will fasting slow down muscle gains?

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  • Will fasting slow down muscle gains?

    I have heard that fasting is great for fat loss among other benefits. However I was wondering whether fasting would be beneficial towards, or hinder muscle gains. I've heard it both ways as some people say eat more frequently when trying to gain muscle (Mark for instance), while others such as Martin Berkhan of says that fasting will help with muscle gain. Any thoughts?

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    I've been doing a 16/8 fast/eat schedule and been gaining muscle. I've gained about 5 pounds since January 31st. It may seem slow, but I think the gains are pretty lean (little body fat to go along with the muscle). The only part I don't like is going to bed with a full stomach. I always eat as soon as I get home after my workout, and then I generally wait until later to eat another large meal. I'm interested to learn more of the specifics of Martin Berkhan's ideas on how to implements the 16/8 fasting style properly.


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      Fasting probably makes no difference to muscle gain. As long as you are getting enough food in, your muscles can grow.

      You don't need to be eating all day to grow muscle.
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        Fasting might influence what kind of weight you gain or lose. Ie fat or muscle...

        But if you're not eating more than you're expending, you're not going to gain weight. So keep that in mind.
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