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quinoa and coconut...?

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  • quinoa and coconut...?

    hey, pretty new to this 'primal' the concept...miss the breads/pastas/rice though!

    was wondering about quinoa...some reference it as a grain, others as a seed...any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    also, what about coconut flour? primal?

    thanks so much, really looking forward to learning from everyone!

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    Quinoa is a seed, but I think it is higher carb than others. It's a good non-animal source of protein if you are looking for that.


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      meh. Eat steak instead.

      and Yes coconut flour is primal, and delicious
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        The pertinent question here is "is it healthy?".Coconut flour yes. Quinoa no. If you must have a large bundle of starch cheat it's better than a lot of grains and grain-imitators.

        My bi-weekly large bundle of starch is yam. I would take that over quinoa any day.
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          Apart from the carbiness, why is quinoa not "healthy"? It is easily collected and does not require refining, and there is a close old world cousin that was eaten as well as that found in the Americas. I'm not saying you should eat it, but I don't see why it's unhealthy.


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            While quinoa offers a decent helping of protein, it’s still pretty carb intensive, clocking in at a 53 on the glycemic index. Also, though quinoa is technically gluten free, it does contain a protein substance that has been known to cause digestive reactions in some.
            If I were looking for a higher carb meal, I'd definitely prefer a yam over quinoa...I just never thought it was all that great to begin with.
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              Why would you saddle your pancreas with all those carbs?
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                Coconut flour is without question primal... Click here and read this article for great recipes that require the use of coconut flours... my personal favorite is Coconut Panackes - I use the recipe to a T but add 1 tbsp of cacao
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