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  • Wowie

    Before I had heard of primal I had figured out that this sort of eating works best for me. I lost 60 pounds between 4-6 years ago, but 15 magically reappeared this winter so I buckled down, no grains, sugar, etc., and am feeling great. We make everything from scratch around here which is nice. Anyway, when I'm eating low carb my husband eats what I eat, plus bread, etc. (although he knows about the basic principles behind LC). He is muscular and lean so it's what's on the inside that's more of an issue with him (and lethargy and aches and pains). I told him about this site and some of the philosophy here re. exercise (he lifted a lot of weight in his youth and was big naturally, muscle-wise) which is more his style.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but when I got home from work today he had a fabulous casserole that he made up (loves to cook), with a cauliflower base, pork, some ground beef, a bit of ricotta and parmesan, and a little plain organic tomato sauce, plus a side of spinach cooked in bacon & a little chorizo!! Plus some chicken roasting in the oven. I was thrilled. Actually, he made us some beef patties with Thai spice for breakfast, with salad, too, so my gentle hints that he might FEEL better seem to be hitting home. I'd say he'll be an 80/20 guy while I probably have to be 90/10 or better, but anyway, I just wanted to share my delight and there's certainly no one I know who would get it!

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    wow what a feast!


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      Excellent way to lead by example! Well done!
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        that casserole sounds delicious. If you get the time you should post the recipie!
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          so...everyone's coming to your house for dinner, right? also, if your username is also a pun, its brilliant.

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              Beautiful, story. He's a KEEPER!


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                <so...everyone's coming to your house for dinner, right? also, if your username is also a pun, its brilliant. >

                Thanks! Yes, it is.

                And yes I'm lucky. And re. the recipe - he just made it up. He ground up some cauli and nuked it, put it in a buttered pan; a thin layer of ricotta & parm, browned some pork and laid that down, chopped up a leftover burger and added that to some plain organic tomato sauce (unseasoned, just the sauce), poured that over, and another layer of ricotta with some parmesan, and baked it at 350 for 45 minutes. Voila. It tasted a lot like lasagna, only a little lighter-tasting.