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Have you heard of herbal life, and is it a scam.

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  • Have you heard of herbal life, and is it a scam.

    So I use my Instagram mainly for its fitness community. The crossfiter's and paleo'rs are great. I'm alway posting things about fitness and health and I keep getting these people from herbal life that want me to join them and train others. But also sell their products to the customers. I just want to know if its like a pyramid scheme or is it actually legit.

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    Pyramid scheme. Don't bother. You have to buy and use their crap which is snake oil.
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      Don't know about the quality of their product, but it is a multi-level marketing scheme...


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        Have you heard of herbal life, and is it a scam.
        Have heard of it. Apparently the products are pretty good except of course they're more about nutritional powders/shakes and supplements.

        As to selling, like any MLM, about 5% of the people in the organization make 85% of the money. By the time you buy your way into the various levels, you most likely would be better off working for minimum wage.
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          My hairdresser does the Herbal Life thing - she has pamphlets and stuff at her salon but thankfully doesn't do the hard sell. I'd hate to have to find another hairdresser. She goes to seminars and is fully into it. She has lost weight but I wonder how it will go in the long term. Any diet that recommends the healthy shake for breakfast and lunch, with a real dinner seems like its bound to fail once you move on to all solid foods. And there are a ton of supplements to take. It will be interesting to see if she keeps it off but she seems happy right now.

          I'd never sign up to sell something like that though - I imagine you'd have to invest money into getting a starter kit and I hate anything that requires hitting up friends for money to make a living. I avoid any of those 'come to my house party and buy stuff' pitches like the plague. It just feels like an imposition.


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            Thanks for all the info guys, I just wasn't sure, I really didn't want to get sucked in.


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              They've been investigated a number of times by the SEC or justice department and I think they are currently under investigation. Articles pop up now and then recently in the Los Angeles Times business section. Do a search and I'm sure you can find more info.
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                Like any MLM scheme, only a few really make a go of it. Your job is not selling products, but recruiting and training new people under you in the pyramid due to the huge turnover.
                You would have to dedicate time a real job would take to make anything of a MLM.


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                  Herbalife CEO Casts Doubt on Ackman's Motives in Shorting Stock

                  Interview with the CEO from this Jan , "Ninety percent of our distributors who are buying our product are buying it for one reason—self consumption." @1:45 (They just are distributors for the discount)