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3.5 pounds of animal protein...

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  • 3.5 pounds of animal protein...

    Definitely just ate 3.5 pounds of salmon and chicken. Anyone else able to eat this much in a sitting? Ha!

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    Easily and frequently, yes, and often more than that.

    How did you consume this? Sushi buffet?
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      I went to Whole Foods salad bar and they had the BEST flaked salmon and grilled chicken... Couldn't stop - Feeling fantastic! LOL!


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        Not that close but I would eat over 2 and then read how your body can't process more than 30 and it turns the rest to glucose. So I try to eat a little bit at a time. Your tummy must feel like there is a rock in there.
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          Yes. And I plan to do it a lot in the future too.
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            Huh. I was at whole foods yesterday, didn't notice they had "acceptable" meats at the salad bar...pretty much ignored it, in fact.


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              Most of the hot foods at Whole Foods may be rubbish/canola oil-ridden toxic refuse. But if you look carefully and ask the people behind the counter, there are bound to be a few items which would qualify as edible.
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                The Whole Foods here has a sign in front of each of it's hot prepared foods showing the ingredients. There are barely any that conform to primal guidelines. They also show the ingredients in their in-house sausages. Last time I was there, one out of the seven they carry was something I'd buy.

                They do, however, carry a nice lox at a reasonable price, and I like their cheese selection. When they have sales on heirloom and organic tomatoes, I stock up.

                3.5 pounds in one sitting. Usually not. But in my six to eight hour window, I can easily eat that.
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                  Thinking about it, I'm maybe getting 1.5# on a average weekday. Not sure about weekends.


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                    I'm planning on a meal that will include seven eggs and a pound of ground beef tonight... I wouldn't feel bad about your intake. Especially if you feel good afterwards. Salmon, despite being a fattier fish, is often lower in calories. Chicken, depends on the part you're eating.

                    The only thing I might be leery of his the fact that it was a Whole Foods remade option and they may have opted for sunflower or safflower or soy or canola oil to cook the meat in. But the meat itself? Totally fine if you feel good about it!
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