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Hey all, need some help

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    Good luck!


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      I wasn't going to be blunt, but I think Paleobird was right in her approach.

      You mentioned a broken metabolism. You're not doing your metabolism any favors by starving yourself. And you're still not eating enough at 1700 calories, especially with working out, although it's an improvement. Right now you are asking a lot of your body while giving it far too little, and blaming the problems on a shot metabolism (or at least that's how it sounds to me), while the problem is really that you are not eating nearly enough, are way underweight, and and have issues with food. You need to do three things right now.

      1) Eat more. You mentioned a tight budget - grab a can of coconut milk (cheap), and drink it all throughout the day without lowering the amount of other foods you eat at all.
      2) Don't use a counting program. Eat several palm sized portions of protein, plenty of fat and vegetables. That's per meal, not per day. When you have an eating disorder (and your description fits having an ED to a 't'), counting calories is NOT HELPING.
      3) See some kind of therapist or counselor. And this recommendation is coming from someone who loathes the psychiatric profession with a burning passion - I do not tell people to do that for no reason.

      I don't know if you intended for us all to just leave it when you said you'd check in a few month's time, but this is one subject where I don't just shut up. I went through some shit a couple years ago - your age, actually - and lost my appetite to the point where I couldn't eat more than a muffin a day. I lost all my muscle (but not the fat), and dropped to an unhealthy weight. And I still put myself on a 1400 calorie 'fat loss' diet, because all I could see was fat which needed to go. So I have some idea what you're talking about. It's not healthy. You're not healthy. Eat a lot more primal foods, and scale back your activity level.
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        You need to, like, double your food intake. At least.

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          OP, you need to cut back hardcore on that cardio. With all of that HIIT (provided you are going balls to the wall every session) you are gonna be drowning in a ton of cortisol and it will have an effect on your body totally opposite of what you desire (low bf %). Also it definitely cannot be that healthy to be so thin, you want to nourish your body not run it into the ground. I would quit counting the calories, remember that if you are engaging in a lot of high intensity glycogen demanding work then it is recommended to replenish those stores following exercise. So make sure to have the majority of your carbs in the post workout window. Keep lifting 3 times a week, focusing on strength, never go to failure and limit cardio to walking only. Also make sure you are sleeping well, do whatever you can to fix this and manage stress more effectively, deep breathing on a regular basis can make a world of difference.