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    My Mother loves going on cruises so I recently went with her. Here are some tips on staying primal on the cruise:
    - tell your waiter and head waiter that you are gluten-free. Ensure they understand. Tell them before every meal and specify gluten-free when you order. Since the staff will likely be foreigners, ensure they understand, lest you suffer.
    - stick to the main dining room so you can be sure you're not eating gluten, or only get the really obvious stuff from the buffet, but be aware that they sneak gluten into everything these days.
    - take the stairs instead of the elevator
    - walk around the ports, instead of taxi/shuttle

    I had a bad problem with a gluten allergy that had me up 2 nights in a row with stomach cramps and bad gas. Royal Caribbean has gone to the trouble of making an entire gluten-free menu but unfortunately they did not properly train my waitress. It seemed as though it was the first time she ever heard the word gluten, and with her being Chinese, it was a little hard to be sure she knew what I was talking about. So I suffered for about three days and basically didn't want to eat anything at all, not trusting them. I brought it to their attention and they got us a new waiter and both he and the head waiter took great care of us and made sure we got gluten-free dishes, and paid extra attention to us. The funny thing was that I've only been primal for 7 months and had never had such a bad reaction to gluten as I did. It was really bad.

    Not sure that I'll go on a cruise again. I don't even like eating out, and having to eat out every meal with a gluten allergy is a little worrisome.

    Anyway, just wanted to give some tips in case it could help anyone.

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    Hmmm. Are you sure it was just gluten that got you?

    On the two cruises I've gone on, I mostly ate at the buffet, eating stuff that seemed fairly safe, as you said. But small amounts of gluten don't bother me. E.g., I could, but don't, have a few croutons on a salad.

    Anyway, good advice!
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      Not sure what else it could have been. I've never felt like that before and I've had food poisoning so I know what that's like.