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Do you ever get really fed up with or give up on yourself/Primal living?

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    you still haven't talked about movement.


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      Originally posted by zoebird View Post
      you still haven't talked about movement.
      I walk everywhere, and I try to strength train about twice/week. I sprint once a week. I'm a bit less accountable about the strength training and sprinting when I'm stressed, though. Usually I like to exercise first thing in the morning but if I'm in the midst of exams I might just opt to sleep in.


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        What an awesome thing that you are getitng into primal whilst you are still at college. If you've recently gone primal you will need access to plenty of fresh vegetables and meat/eggs/fish, and be able to cook it yourself according to your own tastes.

        The higher levels of nutrients in these foods will quickly begin to curb any appetite issues you have so that you will end up only craving carbs when you need them, such as after excersise and it will hopefully lead to longer periods without getting hungry.

        I remember when I was a student the main issue about getting decent meals was my inability to cook (something I have since rectified), but also you are unlikely to get decent portions of veg and meat in a standard cafeteria or restaurant, those places tend to offer a lot of cheap processed 'filler' foods such as breads and fries (unless you are on a self service buffet or something similar) Also I would say that if you do splurge from time to time this is not an issue, especially at your age, provided you keep your daily eating habits in check
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          Originally posted by fcby9 View Post
          my go-to foods in the dining hall are green/tomatoes from the salad bar and grilled chicken/beef (containing some canola oil, but there's not much to be done about that). When I splurge, I eat fruit, dairy, Larabars, and ice cream from time to time...but no burgers/mac and cheese/French fries/classic college fare.
          If you are trying to hold out on meat and lettuce/tomatoes you are of course going to binge on larabars and ice cream. Too restrictive, too low fat. You need some butter, cooked vegetables and dare I say it: potatoes now and then.

          Also, college is stressful. Even if you are happy and enjoying it, it's a major stress because it's a major change.
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