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  • Perfect Primal Milk Substitute

    I've been putzing on the matter of making "milk" from coconut "milk" for quite awhile.

    Here is what I've narrowed it down to, per qt:

    4 oz of thick style coconut milk. My go-to is Hokan from Publix, 99 cents. Alternative is Whole Paycheck 365 Organics, $1.50. Thai Kitchen @ over $2 would be good and IIRC, is 60 cals per ounce instead of 45, so you could dilute a bit more.

    1/2 cup NOW brand egg white powder. Besides the protein, it seems that the egg white powder helps keep the fats in suspension very well.

    Shake like crazy and that's it. Low calorie, very low carb, no sugars. Very refreshing and of course, loaded with those great medium chain fatty acids.

    If you can afford the (few) carbs, add 3-4 oz of yogurt and you would swear you are drinking kefir.

    I guess one could add cocoa powder and minimal stevia/whatever and get chocolate milk.
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    Huh. Interesting. I might have to try that one day in the distant future.

    NOW egg white powder? Will look into that too.


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      I make a shake with coconut milk, egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon and a little stevia - tastes like egg nog.