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Oil smoinkg point: unrefined vs refined oil

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  • Oil smoinkg point: unrefined vs refined oil


    It looks like there is a significant difference in the smoking point temperature of an oil when it is refined on one hand, and non-refined on the other.

    Take coconut oil which we are using for high heat frying: if it is not refined, it is actually not so good at high temp. See this table:

    Smoke point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    But isn't a food better "unrefined", especially when it comes to oil ? I mean, they contain more nutritious stuff than the refined product and are less processing intensive during the manufacturing. I was also surprised to see refined avocado oil at ~ 500 F smoking point!! Avocado ? isn't it full of unsat fats as opposed to CO ?

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    Unrefined fats are generally healthier and suitable for most cooking methods. How often are you cooking at 500F? There are a few reasons why deep frying and grilling should be only occasional treats.

    Avocado oil is useful for it's high smoke point (I like it for searing short ribs or lamb chops before braising). It's about 13% polyunsaturate (olive is about 11%). As long as it's fresh and doesn't smoke it shouldn't go rancid, and I rarely need more than a tablespoon or so.

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      Yep, make sure you get the refined avocado oil if you plan on doing high heat cooking. I didn't, and it ended with a visit from the fire department.

      On the other hand, unrefined avocado oil makes great (green) mayo.


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        Ok, got it