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I think you're nuts to buy small jars of coconut oil,

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  • I think you're nuts to buy small jars of coconut oil,

    if you're about it, you gotta go all the way,

    $54 for a gallon, including shipping,

    5 gallons should run you a little bit north of $200,

    to buy a single jar for between $10-$15 is insanity,

    with coconut oil, you need to have the volume in front of you so that you can truly experience it, so you can go hard, and if you're in it for the single jars, then you're not really getting the most out of it,

    I did the numbers on a 5 gallon purchase and, this is from my head I did it very quickly a few days ago, but it came out to something like $32 a month for 5 tablespoons a day, this would last you 260 days,

  • #2's like $22 for 78 oz. Nutiva, organic extra virgin!

    I didn't do the math but I know this is a killer deal over those little jars and good quality brand.


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      I've got 2 quart jars that I have had for half a year. I can't consume it fast enough to justify so large a purchase.

      Now if they did that with raw almond butter that would be another story.
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        Originally posted by plato yogi wogi View Post
        5 tablespoons a day
        I wish I had 600 kcal/day to budget for coconut

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          Originally posted by plato yogi wogi View Post
          if you're about it, you gotta go all the way
          Do tell, Mr. Higher Math Wizard....what quantities do you currently have at Chateau Yogi Wogi?
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            Bought a small jar (8oz?) last weekend. Right now, I'm only using a little bit at a time at breakfast for oiling the pans. I haven't delved into other uses yet.

            8oz will last me a long time.


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              Or it could go rancid and spoil by the time I get around to using it. Some of us only go through 2 16 oz jars a year...and they cost me $10 each.
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                And it depends on the brand. The firm I like only does 800g jars, as far as I know. I tried a small jar from a company that sells it in 10 litres - for 110 mind you - and didn't like the taste much. So I'll stick with a brand that I enjoy the taste of, that might cost me a little more. Currently 800g is lasting about 8 days. Plus I initially bought 3 x 200g jars just to try it. One of those is currently doing all-purpose bodywork duty.
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                  I like coconut oil, but I also like ethically farmed red palm oil, tallow, lard, butter and goose fat.

                  I buy CO in moderation, because I consume it in moderation.


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                    I bought a 5-gallon bucket of refined coconut oil from Tropical Traditions several months ago. I use it for everything now. One of the better purchasing decisions I've made.
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