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What's your worst 'cheat' food? (Causes the worst setback)

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  • What's your worst 'cheat' food? (Causes the worst setback)

    So we all go off path from time to time and eat some sort of 'naughty' food. I know from my own journey some will stall weight loss while others will put pounds back on me. I'm curious to know what other people's experiences are. Some of them were stuff that I thought would be OK, like ribs.

    Foods that will stop me from losing have been:
    Dried fruit.
    most restaurant foods no matter how primal I try to be
    any wine at all, even 1/2 a glass

    Foods that you'd think would be OK, but make me gain a little weight
    > 1/2 a glass of wine
    ribs (with BBQ sauce- loaded with sugar)
    costco meatballs (they put wheat and sugar in them)
    summer sausages

    Well duh, puts a LOT on me FAST:
    pecan pie

    I'm 150 now, so I'd say I'm not really worried about losing any more, so occasional items from the first category should be OK for me at this point. I don't know about other people's experiences, but it does seem that with all those fat cells sitting there empty waiting to be full again, it is VERY easy for me to put on pounds very quickly. If I have items from the second category, especially with a big meal, whether or not the rest of the meal is primal, I'm gonna put on 2-3 pounds. Worse yet, I've noticed if I have one of the sugar laden cheats from that category, I eat WAY more of the meat / veggies I'm likely to be having.
    It seems to take me a week of being REAL strict to take those 2-3 pounds back off.
    I had one major total pig out Christmas this year, involving cookies, an entire pecan pie and stuffing. I put 10 pounds back on in a week. ouch.

    It has also been my experience that the closer to 'goal weight' I got, the more strict I had to be if I wanted to keep losing. I could get away with eating fruit a couple times a day when I was over 200 and still keep losing. When I cut down on them, I started losing again. Dried fruit, which god I love, was my enemy around 170. I stayed at exactly 168 for over a month until I cut out ALL dried fruit, even just a little teeny bit. At that point, the only fruit I had was strawberries in my morning smoothie. To get under 158, I switched strawberries with frozen rhubarb. I also stopped steaming veggies and started cooking them in butter and/or rendered duck fat. It seemed so counter intuitive that I had to add fat, and increase calories, to lose any more.
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    Wheat/ sugar: just discovered I may have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which has a heavy link to celiac.
    Heavily refined oils: an allergy.
    Milk chocolate: Every once in a while my will power slips away and I have a Hershey's bliss.
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      sugar. hands down. although i dont do refined sugar anymore, it usually comes in the overindulgence of super dark chocolate or concoctions baked with honey.

      i wont mention the SoG cheesecake in my fridge right now.


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        Um, i have an odd habit of going to chinese buffets occasionally.. maybe 1 a month or less.

        Talk about feeling like crap afterwards. Although last time i did really well and got mostly meat and veggie dishes.. still probably laced with MSG and tons of sugar and HFCS.. sigh, life moves on.


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          Yeah, I feel like if I make a wrong move, my body will do the cartoonish morph of a thick-thighed, big-booty girl like on the Nutty Professor.
          ****pistachios****** Good grief, I could eat them for hours!!!
          And all other bad foods in no particular order...candy bars, Big Macs, fries, chips, popcorn, cupcakes, donuts, sweet Hawaiian bread. I have to really think about their effects on my body to turn them down.
          So, I pretty much don't have a worst...just an "all of the above".


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            Originally posted by JStrick View Post
            Um, i have an odd habit of going to chinese buffets occasionally.. maybe 1 a month or less.

            Talk about feeling like crap afterwards. Although last time i did really well and got mostly meat and veggie dishes.. still probably laced with MSG and tons of sugar and HFCS.. sigh, life moves on.
            Same here. That or we got to the all you can eat sushi place... where they don't have sashimi on the all you can eat menu. So it's a rice overload lol. Chinese is my biggest weakness though. It used to be rivaled by ice cream, but now that I've mastered the one ingredient ice cream from the thread a week or so ago, I don't need traditional ice cream at all.


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              OMG. Definitely wine.


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                Don't have any "cheat" foods that really make me gain real weight, but cheating definitely makes me feel bloated and reduces my energy levels.
                Living in a town of ~5000 people helps because there aren't many restaurants here worth going out to eat at, but when I go to the big cities, it's definitely a cheat-fest full of pizza and beer.
                And now that summer is here, ice cream is another cheat that I have to watch out for (though I'm going to try and convince my mom to break out the old ice cream maker and experiment with some primal-friendly ice cream recipes).
                Overall though, I have gradually adapted to making/eating traditional dishes that I enjoy more primal (i.e. eating curries without rice/couscous), which I think helps.
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                  My best and worse cheat food is still very un-primal but worth it to me and thats fast food burgers and fries and beer and lots of it when i do indulge. but i find i like it less and less cause of how horrible i feel the next day sometimes within an hour of ingesting it.


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                    alcohol(bacardi drinker).... whatever i may or may not eat because i will forget... regardless of how much i drink(even like a shot) i forget everything so i dunno what i eat but i wake up feeling like shit to an empty bag of 12 serving mixed nuts.... another times was an entire head of broccoli and ranch dressing(i stole it from my roomate outta the fridge i suppose?) - btw- both times diarehha like you wouldnt believe and the overdoing of nuts made it hurt to pee!

                    if i am sober i dont eat anything that isnt primal and i never would so i dont have any "stall foods" although excessive protein of any kind will do it
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                      I've found that after being primal for a few months, anything with gluten just floors me. I could go to town on a pint of Ben and Jerry's loaded with sugar with little immediate trouble (still not recommended, though!), but a handful of Ritz crackers will have be doubled over on the toilet. >.<


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                        All things with grains and sugar make it difficult for me to lose any weight, but this has the worst effect on me

                        Korean packaged Ramen Noodles...

                        Makes me crazy bloated and feeling like crap...

                        Now as for maintenance, I can eat franken foods here and there and the bloating just goes away after IFing and eating primal the next day or so...


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                          ugh...strawberries! We're talking 2 to 3 pounds here when I get on a roll
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                            Its weird, whenever I cheat and have bread at a resturant it completely bloats me up, stomach cramps, gas, etc. But when I made my own homemade bread I feel a little bloated but no other ill effects.

                            Worst food I crave: Tortilla chips/Tortillas....mmmm I love mexican food. If i go out Ill have 1-2 chips with salsa and then call it a night. Not worth how I feel the next day.
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                              I haven't cheated with bread, but had some wheat as part of Panko Tilapia, but didn't notice anything. I had a piece of CheeseCake during Easter, and that completely ruined me for two days after! I was moody, couldn't sleep, had headaches... it was really crazy.