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    Originally posted by VADogWalker View Post
    This. The "vegetarian" section of my grocery store makes me all twitchy.
    Yeah, me too. That whole section at my co-op is full of 'healthy vegetarian" frankenfoods. Even when I was briefly vegetarian, I couldn't choke down fake cheese. Blech.


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      Granola and granola bars
      Processed gluten-free food
      and honestly, Greek Yogurt


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        With the exception of the Farmer's Market most stores are 80% glorified health foods or junk foods. That's why you just go around the outside to the produce, meat and dairy aisle.

        Trader Joe's does have a lot of food I don't buy but:
        Produce is generally good and about 50% less than Farmer's Market or some place like Whole Foods.
        I can get good eggs.
        Kerrygold Butter is dirt cheap.
        I can get grass fed ground beef, steaks and they have had leg of lamb lately.
        I get lots of fish for my SO.
        Frozen fruit and veggies are cheap and enhance my eggs and smoothies.
        They have lots of nuts and almond butter is not too pricey.

        It's pretty easy to walk past all the crap and just buy what I need. But bottom line, I can spend $165 a week at Whole Foods or the Farmer's Market, $130 a week at Harris Teeter or $100 a week at Trader Joe's. If Trader Joe's selling crappy processed healthfoods is part of what enables them to sell me good foods cheap, so be it.
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          But I digress:
          Healthy Choice Frozen Meals.
          Fat Free Sugar Free Yogurt that tastes like fake desserts.
          Smoothies at the damn smoothie place by me that only has soy protein and uses "fat free frozen yogurt" as the base.
          Oatmeal packets with the second ingredient being sugar.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            I don't really notice all those other products anymore. I couldn't provide you a list.

            Except the meat. Unless it's the lamb I don't think their meat is any different from meat you can get anywhere. I think there was even a recent news article revealing their pork to be just the basic CAFO stuff or something like that. So I can pay what is it, $8 a pound for top sirloin at TJ's or I can go to my meat market and get it for $3.50 a pound. Sometimes less if it's on sale.
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              I love Trader Joe's and shop there often. But it is a grocery store and you have to shop it like you would any other grocery store ("perimeter shopping" and basically avoiding most things that are not a "whole food").

              As far as "glorified health foods," the first thing that comes to mind is pretty much any cereal. Oh, you're saying it's granola, whole grain or uses cane sugar instead of HFCS? STILL NOT VERY GOOD FOR YOU PEOPLE!! (Yes, sometimes I want to shout at people in the cereal aisle at the grocery stores, haha!).

              Milk is another big one. I don't think that dairy is horrendous and I eat it sometimes (oh lordy I do love me some cheese!), but the way it gets pushed as this all-perfect food from the time we are little kids is ridiculous. Sure, you are first nourished by milk when you are a baby, but then MOM's milk is the perfect food, not cow milk! And if you ask most people why milk is good for you they'll say because of the calcium, which is actually found in high concentrations in so many other things like dark leafy greens, sardines & salmon, many nuts & seeds, etc.

              Lastly, any of the frozen diet meals (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers). Man those are just plain CRAP! But so many people think they're being healthier by choosing one of those for lunch.


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                Muscle Milk. Vegetable oils for fats.. mm