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    I had a free health screening at work today and the results were mostly what I expected:

    Blood Pressure: 130/80 (I walked to the site, and generally have white-coat syndrome)
    Total Cholesterol: 238
    HDL: 53
    LDL: 175
    Trig: 46
    Glucose: 91

    This was checked with a Cholestcheck machine that had the resuslts in ~5 min, so I'm not sure how accurate it was. I know most would have a heart attack about the "high" LDL, but I know that if my trigs are that low, it's likely mostly large and fluffy and not even that high (due to inaccuracy of Friedewald Eqn.) My only concerns are my high fasting glucose and slightly low HDL. I had been fasting for ~10.5 hours, so I wouldn't except my glucose to be quite so high. It was 79 last year when I was not eating as primal as I am now. My last meal was pretty low carb, although it was a pretty big meal (trying to add some muscle) And I eat a pretty high fat diet with a good deal of Omega-3s and saturated fat, so I would expect HDL to have gone up (I think it actually went down slightly from last time I checked, when I was eating MUCH lower fat).

    I'm male, 24, 5'11" and about 162. For the past few months I've been eating over maintenance in an attempt to buid some muscle and have gained about 5 pounds (since the end of January). Could this have anything to do with the numbers, and should I take them as a sign to just eat normally and stop worrying about gaining weight?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I, too, run BG numbers in the 90s, and I've been eating low carb for several years (primal for about 6 mos). I'm hypothyroid, so I'm checked every 4 months. My endo has never been concerned about my high BG because my A1C has been 5.2 (an average of your BG numbers over 3 mos--should be under 6.0). However, I've been concerned because diabetes runs in my family. Recently I came across an article online that indicated this is common with a low carb diet. That is, the apparently high BG number has something to do with the body's fat burning process and not really 'high sugar.' If the A1C number is in the normal range, and the person is eating primal, then this is not a concern.

    I'd be more concerned about the low HDL. I've had a VAP test, and all my LDL is the healthy kind (Pattern A), but my doctor says that it's the combination of high HDL and low triglycerides that indicates a strong possibility of Pattern A LDL. So don't be too sure that your LDL is OK. If I were you, I'd supplement with fish oil to try to improve the HDL. You may not be getting enough omega-3s from food alone.


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      91 is not a high FBGL.
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        Thanks emmie and Griff! I feel better about the results. I plan to get a proper blood workup. I plan to ask for 25-OH Vit D, NMR or VAP, and maybe CRP.


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          Sounds like you're on top of things. While I think that high HDL and large LDL are important and I suspect that higher (as opposed to the silly government recommendations) cholesterol levels are ideal (negative correlation with many forms of cancer, there's something to that for sure), heart disease risk seemingly boils down to controlling inflammation and oxidative stress. Look at the Kitava studies. HDL too low for my liking, high trygs but no heart disease. And all of the evidence rolling in for the efficacy of things like tea and cocoa, there's definitely a lot more to it than lipids. Though I don't wish to reduce all of holistic health and nutrition to CHD like every goddamn conventional dietician and unthinking imbecile in North America seems to do. Cholesterol is uber important for a billion reasons.

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