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pork = gut inflammation?

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  • pork = gut inflammation?

    My wife and I are moving in a couple of days and trying to empty out the fridge before we move, so yesterday I had pork tenderloin for both lunch and dinner. Now today my lower intestines feel horribly bloated. Is this something specifically with pork, or did I just over do it on the protein?

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    Pork does coagulate blood, I have no idea about the bloat. I was eating three pounds of bacon every week, bacon being the form of pork that will not coagulate blood, and had no issues whatsoever. I hope other regular pork consumers can chime in with non-bacon info for you!
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      Thanks Knifegill. I will say, this was an isolated incident. I normally don't eat this much pork (usually sausage is my pig-meat) and I definitely don't eat this quantity in one day typically! What a lifestyle. I've eaten too much pork, so I have to increase my bacon consumption.


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        I'm not sure, but I eat about 12oz of pork loin every day for at least half of a given month without any issues.
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