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Sugar: The Fat Hypothesis

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  • Sugar: The Fat Hypothesis

    I was wondering what everyone makes of the hypothesis that sugar is only a problem for humans if they consume over 10% of their calories from fat?

    I have been Paleo for around seven weeks in an attempt to recover from adrenal fatigue but it's a slow road and I crave carbs all the time.

    If I eat any sugar at all (even fruit) my systemic candida flares, in a bad way.

    I have a major infection for over ten years, since I was a very young.

    It's in my sinuses, gut and also is suspected to have caused a recent prostate infection which I have since attempted a water fast (it just aggravated it and I almost took my life I became so ill).

    There is sooooo much contradictory information online and the biggest stumbling block for me is the Sugar / Fat Hypothesis.

    Meat, I don't really struggle with as I don't feel some fish, organic beef or chicken would affect someones health negatively if they were consuming lots of veg and salads etc.

    For me it's just how much fat is okay to eat and should I really be eating lots of fruit also.

    I know fruit is a problem for me, but the Sugar / Fat Hypothesis gaining ground lately has me thinking that maybe they have a point and that, if a person only consumed 10% of their calories from fat, then fruit would not be an issue and in fact, would promote health.

    Not that I support this clown who empties bags of sugar into his smoothies:

    But I a more thinking of people like:

    Has anyone here ever tried to consume a lot of fruit without also consuming much fat?

    If so, how did you get on?

    Also, are there any fruits which are high in Fructose, Glucose but very low in Sucrose as I am attempting the SCD diet also if I was to start including more fruits, I would like to keep high sucrose ones to a minimum as I think Elaine Gottschall's thoughts on disaccharides were right, in that people with gut issues have trouble digesting them.

    Currently, I just eat Meats, Veg and Coconut products but am struggling with weakness and persistent infections.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the above, been a lurker here for a long time and have found it a wealth of knowledge that has helped me through some pretty dark times.

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    If you have gone low carb because of candida infection, you must increase your fat. Going low carb without increasing fat intake (coconut oil, butter, lard / tallow or from fatty meat, olive oil, avocado fat) will make you feel miserable because your are in the "fuel limbo". Unless you're obese and have a lot of fat stored in you, it will really make you feel like crap. The fat adaptation can take a few weeks (4 to 6 on average). Make sure you get your minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium) during that period. Vit D is also really important.


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      Check this video out. Its a bit on the long side, but is VERY interesting. It'll give you the biochemical truth about sugar.

      Sugar: The Bitter Truth - YouTube


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        Originally posted by primalmedic413 View Post
        Check this video out. Its a bit on the long side, but is VERY interesting. It'll give you the biochemical truth about sugar.
        Funny you should mention Lustig, as the guy who put up the first video which I included in my opening post had loads of people reply in the comments section and mention the very same research. He then the following video in reply to them:

        I will try and get more fat as I am without doubt not getting enough calories.

        Did the Lustig research make any distinctions between HFCS and Fructose in fruit?

        How about fruits low in fructose and higher in Glucose?


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          Originally posted by CosmicKid View Post
          Did the Lustig research make any distinctions between HFCS and Fructose in fruit?
          A while back there was a "60 Minutes on CBS" TV segment with Lustig. He lost any credibility with me when I heard him say that sugar and HFCS are equally as bad for us and our bodies process them the same way and not making any destinction between the two substances. That, and he had a weird demeanor.


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            Has anyone here ever tried to consume a lot of fruit without also consuming much fat?

            If so, how did you get on?
            I did it not on purpose when I was young. We spent about a month in a resort destination with mom on a low budget, buying fruit from a farmer's market with little cooking facilities. It was grapes, peaches, apples etc, with eggplants and tomatoes, and onions. We cooked in a thick walled pot with a bit of oil once a day, and the rest was fruit. No proteins apart from a few eggs here and there. We did huge amount of walking slowly in the mountains and swimming in the sea.

            Huge weight loss, but huge cravings for bread/starches. I find that when I stop eating proteins I do not want proteins. Weight come back real fast once we got back home.

            When I was older and was losing weight, I did Jillian recommended diet for my methabolic type (70% of carbs/<10% fat) and ate oatmeal, toast, oranges, yogurts and apples. That went really BAD. Uncontrolled hunger and hypoglycemia.
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              I think that people such as Durian can be very healthy doing 80/10/10 and also high fat/low carb and in between. What is most important is sticking to whole natural foods. That is the common link between all healthy diets and is probably not a coincidence.


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                I think the user Zach eats as you describe, but I don't know that he has experience dealing with candida.

                I have dealt with persistant yeast infections, and initially, low carb and high fat kept them at bay. I also took a lot of strong probiotic supplements (Ther-biotic) and anti-fungal supplements (like oil of oregano, Candex, and Pau D'Arco). They were really well, but then I suddenly became constipated. The longest I let myself go without a bowel movement was a week (I felt awful during that time). I worked with a holistic doctor for a while, but eventually found something that works on my own. For me, it was eating more starches, such as potatoes and rice, combined with a strong probiotic and colostrum. Somehow, that has basically cured the constipation. I'm hoping I'll be able to reduce the supplements over time.

                Staying away from refined sugar is still really important. I can eat more now than I used to be able to, and I can eat fruit just fine, but too much and I'll get a flare up.
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                  Yeah, I got really constipated when I try to stick to just meats and fats alone.

                  I get sinus congestion really bad then also, so bad I get dizzy and can't catch my breath sometimes for days.

                  My neck glands are always swollen and I think my head doesn't drain mucus / lymphatic fluids too well.

                  Have an impacted wisdom tooth that I really need to have removed and also a deviated septum that I suspect could be an issue since I was quite young.

                  So difficult trying to work it all out.

                  Cheers for the replies so far everyone.


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                    To help with drainage, try some saline solution. It's just a temporary measure, but any relief from those symptoms may help. You can get them in little squirty bottles or pots to mix your own with warm water (Neti pot). I use a neti pot daily for allergy relief.

                    Have you seen a doctor about any of this? Swollen neck glands are concerning to me.
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