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I think my body is fighting me.

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  • I think my body is fighting me.

    I have been keeping my carbs below 20 grams. I am on day 13 and intially i felt like i released a few pounds but now, after dinner, I feel stuffed and my belly looks fat its scary....

    3 pieces of bacon

    snack: hard boilef egg

    Collard leaf wrapped with eggs salad, pickles and tomatoe


    Pork ribs (8 ounces)
    6 0unces white wine

    I work out 6 days a week and tidsy i drank about 32 ounces of water...i know i need more...

    Lately my belly looks so bloated......i dont weigh but I can see the mirror....i feel like my body is confussed..its so use to old crazy HCG diets or juicing dirts...i am all over the map these last 3 years....all i can do is keep going becsuse i committed to di this for a lifetime.... but i sure wish the resitance would pass....i sense my body is holding water, confussed, resisting weight loss, plus more..

    Anyone else had this situation starting out? When did it finally pass? Im worried.

    Sorry for any typos..Im on my phone....thanks for any feedback