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What can you spread butter on?

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    Originally posted by GiGiEats View Post
    I gotta try these

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      Your finger!


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        Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
        That's blood, spun down, with lipid molecules in the plasma. Normally the liver breaks these fat molecules down for energy and the body uses that fat for fuel. But if the liver is not functioning properly OR you just ate too much fat for it to break down all at once, there will be a lot of fat in the bloodstream. It's nothing to worry about, usually. But it sure looks funny.
        Thankyou Very fascinating. So, the fat goes straight into the bloodstream, as is? Does it then just keep going round in our body and we use it up bit by bit till it's gone?

        Also, why does the one on the left look the way it does, then. Is the yellow stuff the plasma? But without butter in it?
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          Originally posted by Lynna View Post
          Pork rinds
          Yeah buddy!


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            This thread is making me want to go spread butter on something! And I rarely even eat butter!!! lol