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    Originally posted by MouthDR View Post
    Thank you It really does look lovely, and I'm looking forward to being so close to the ocean! I have a feeling that it might be easier (and with a larger selection) to find paleo items in Sydney, although making a short trip into the city every week or so wouldn't be a big deal either. I'll end up where work takes me, and for now, that's Wollongong.
    There is no reason why you wouldn't find everything paleo in wollongong.

    You definitely wouldn't have to travel to Sydney to get it.

    I love buying free range eggs from small block farmers outside of any new zealand or Australian city or town. The ones who just sell their excess eggs at the gate. You can even see the chooks scratching around the paddocks and driveway. Heaven.


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      Great you're moving over to Australia!

      I have a free "Paleo Guide to Australia" on my website Welcome - The Paleo Network with lots of listings of suppliers - including many in Wollongong.

      I'd also recommend joining the Sydney Paleo meetup group Modern Paleo Sydney (Sydney) - Meetup and coming along to some of our meet-ups!