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  • work lunch dilemma

    So for ages I've been struggling to find a really good Paleo/Primal place to eat for Lunch at work here in London, Soho.

    Not too long ago I stumbled across a salad bar called Vital Ingredient, for ages I've been getting the most primal thing I could find.

    The other day I went on their website and they have a nutritional calculator for all their ingredients so you can build your salad and see what you're consuming.

    So far I've been religiously getting their Super Cob Salad (Cos Lettuce, Blue Cheese Dressing, Guacamole, Bacon, Chicken, an egg, and tomatoes), recently I started swapping guacamole for Feta cheese (guacamole doesnt seem to sit well with me) and swapping out the tomatoes for an extra egg (Tomatoes in the UK are disgusting, taste like tasteless mush!) and adding Parmesan to spice things up!

    I just filled in the nutritional calculator and the results were very pleasing!

    With a calorie count of 770, I get 60.2g of Protein, 54.4g of Fat, and only 9.7g of Carbs!

    I was really surprised by the Protein count!

    Ive been considering making this salad myself and bringing it in to work, I would have more variation to ingredients, add a bit of sun dried tomatoes one day, olives another etc and would be cheaper...

    I suggest to anyone who lives in London and is struggling to find a good place for lunch try to find a local Vital Ingredient, or make your own super cob!
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    I don't eat lunch every day but cobb/chef/taco salads are definitely my favorite solution. There's a supermarket about a 30 min walk from my office (my coworkers think I'm strange for going there since I pass by a dozen mediocre restaurants on the way but I figure 60 min of sunshine is worthwhile).

    The main hazard is the dressing--in the US at least it's almost guaranteed to be soybean oil so I stick to places that provide bottles of olive oil, vinegar, mustard, and pepper that I can blend on site.

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      You get more than an hour for lunch? Plush!



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        I bring my lunch. Saves money and I get a better lunch. I can even have steak for lunch and it's still less money than some crappy restaurant cobb salad.
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          I don't eat lunch; I basically IF every day...kind of. Some days I have something for breakfast. Some days the company does lunch for someone's birthday or leaving or whatnot. That's not most days.