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Primal food for pets??

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  • Primal food for pets??

    So I was wondering, what kind of food does my Dog really needs to eat?.

    The food that I currently buy for her is loaded with carbs and I know that cant be good for Sinatra, any tips?.

    Also, if you feel like crying and love your dog.

    Watch this.

    You WILL cry.

    Im off, I got to tell that imaginary dude to stop chopping onions already.

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    In our threads are a couple of 'primal pets' posts.

    There's one. Not sure where the other one is.

    But you can google 'raw food for dogs' and get tons of info.
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      Depending on whats available near you, some of the "premium" pet food stores carry dry food that is grain-free. That, and of course, raw meat/bones. I feed my german shepherd Rocko a mix of Natural Balance dry food and raw meat. He has tons of energy, a shiny coat, and his poops are small, compact and don't smell.

      Stay away from most typical brands (Purina, anything from Pet Smart). They are loaded with grains, and if we are not supposed to eat them, they most certainly can't.
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        I raw feed my dog. He eats raw chicken and beef. He gets organ meats like hearts livers etc as well. Along with the raw meat he gets yogurt, olive oil, eggs, and an herbal supplement.
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          I feed my dog whole raw meat, bones and organs. My avatar has a pic of him eating a beef shoulder I think. My favourite 'primal pet feeding' website is - That is pretty much exactly how I feed my dog.


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            Just got these today from my area Raw Feeders Co-op! Skin on and all! I can't wait to see my guys' faces when they see these!
            Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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              I've been feeding my dogs raw for over a year now and they love it! I tend to feed a lot of chicken because it's cheap, but also think it's important to feed a good variety of protein sources so I keep my eye out for reasonably priced pork, beef, lamb, turkey, etc. I especially like it when there are turkeys on sale in the grocery because they are so big that nobody wants them!

              It's important to have a good mix of bony meat (like limbs, ribs - raw bones only!), muscle meat, and organ meat, I like to try to approximate the ratio of what would be found in a whole animal since that's what they would eat in the wild.

              I guess I'm a bit of a raw feeding fanatic. My dogs will never have kibble again, I just can't believe that I ever fed them that crap.


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                My 16 year old beagle generally ate CW dog food (ie corn, etc), along with the occasional canned dog meat food on special occasions, for most of his life. Somehow he's still going at 16. Of course, he "supplemented" on his own whenever possible, eating everything from live spiders to tin foil, whole blocks of cheese, a pound of sliced ham (including the plastic packaging), and toilet paper. However, in his waning years we discovered that literally nothing makes him happier and quieter than a nice leftover bone from steak. He'll literally gnaw on the thing all day until he falls asleep, sleep with it, and start up again as soon as he wakes up.

                When I'm in a position to get a dog of my own in the next few years, I will make sure he is a happy primal pup.