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    I've searched the forums, can't quite find what I'm after, so I'm sorry if this has been flogged to death!

    I'm thinking of buying some creatine supplements, to boost workout performance and add some more muscle (I'm such an ectotherm, it's a slow process) ... just to kick start things.

    So i was wondering what people's experiences were - especially women. I've heard of women getting bloated on creatine?
    What are the effects/side-effects?
    Should I go for a powder or tablet/pill?

    Any other thoughts, comments?

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    Quite a few years back, when I was speedskating, I took creatine. I bought it pure by the pound, the most cost-effective way to buy it. I think I mixed it in juice, which was recommended as they said you should take it with some sugar. I don't recall any side effects. It gave me lots of power. I'm not sure whether it would have had any hypertrophic effect on me, as I am not an ectomorph.


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      -Get good ol, tried and true, heavily studied for decades creatine monohydrate. This supplement is easily the most studied sports supplement with positive reviews. Accept no substitution- there are other forms of creatine out there.

      -look for a "Creapure." It's not a brand name...rather showing that's its pure creatine without any of the bad stuff and fillers.

      -as far as brands go...take your pick. At Large Nutrition, optimum nutrition..

      -no need to load

      -no need to take with carbs, but you can

      - 5 grams per day is what most labels recommend...but there's a good amount of research that says that 3g per day is good. Couple that with your paleo diet where you're getting creatine from meat, and you're good to go.

      -drink water with this. Just make sure to stay hydrated at all times.

      -no real big side effects. One of them is stomach upset/diarrhea, and even then, only when people take big doses, like 10g and up. If this is you, then simply stop taking it.