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    Hello everyone, I have been primal now for about 8 months and what a huge change to my life it has been. I dropped over 70 pounds and am now a healthy 160ish at 6 feet tall (male). What I am looking for is a little guidance to go a little further. I am finding that I have trouble building muscle and I still have a little fat around the mid section I would like I loose (no beer gut but you can't see any muscle definition). I pretty good about my diet getting enough protein and fat and although I occasionally have some treat (a little ice cream, etc) I am well within the 80/20 suggested by Mark. I tend to skip breakfast about half the week and otherwise am having half a dozen eggs or an apple with almond butter. Lunch is usually a big salad and dinner a high protein meal (varying meats)

    My exercise routine is pretty much the primal fitness plan. 3 times a week doing full body heavy exercises, once every couple weeks sprinting and my job keeps me on my feet doing very moderate activity 40 hours a week.

    Anything you can recommend?

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    If you're 6', about 160 lb, and really want to build muscle, you're gonna need to gain weight. The amount will depend on your strength and physique goals. Make sure that you're doing stuff like heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, chinups, rows, power cleans, dips, etc. Sprints are excellent, too. Most importantly, eat A LOT of protein. Try to get at least 1 g per 1 lb of bodyweight each day. Best of luck.
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      Thank you for the suggestion!


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        70lbs in 8 months is really impressive. It is also really fast. You may just need to give your skin some time to shrink and catch up with the smaller you.

        So, it may just be some loose skin around the middle not really fat. Patience.

        In the meantime, the plank exercise in the PB Fitness Guide are really great for toning up the midsection. They helped me find my abs again after several surgeries in that area.


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          Thanks for the reply. It is one of my favourite exercises and I do other ones for the abs as well. I actually lost the weight in about half that time, 4-5 months. Wasn't really trying, made the change to primal cause it felt like the right decision and all this weight came off. Although I know now I was overweight I never really looked it, had more of the football player look with muscular body but a bigger midsection. I'll see if time continues to help but I feel like it is still more fat, not skin.


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            You might also want to try Intermittent Fasting. Just keep doing what you're doing now. Stomach fat is stubborn and will take awhile to come off even if you're slim.
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