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Sugar cravings at night - when do they stop??

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    Originally posted by primalmedic413 View Post

    I'm not saying that we should never listen to our bodies. But to come from the perspective that listening to your body is an ideal path to health is the exact reason why metabolic syndrome and all of the individual parts of it are getting far worse, not better, in society today.
    Don't forget that most choices people make today are those governed by the ads they watch and the CW they are led to believe. I somewhat doubt that a typical american will "give in to cravings" in the same way someone whom understands and perceives the ancestral way of eating. Whatever that is. Of course this is different when it's food and a "treat" but the scope of those differ from person to person.

    Listening to your body, and not your mind are two completely separate things and that is what can inform the better choice.

    Personally, after eating carbs for around 3 weeks exceeding 200g, I feel far more energised than I ever did doing low carb and a high meat. I eat 2 main meals a day and they sustain me for a good 3-4 hours minimum. Carbs from fruit not processed products, might i add.
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      Originally posted by Nstocks View Post
      So your advice would be to do all the die hard stuff the "Paleo Gods" write in their books and on their blogs and ignore everything your body is telling YOU? Believe me, I'm finally coming out of that cave and I feel a lot better for doing so. Sure most advice is for good-will but this is not a religion, you do not have to follow every single recommendation based on somebody else's experience.

      Listening to your body is the most powerful thing you can do as a human. Saying things like "If I crave heroin" is dumb because you have had to intoxicate yourself with that first in order to get the cravings. Carb haters: There are other sources of carbs than pure refined sugar. It is not a drug. It is not heroin.We were given an abundance of nutrient dense fruit for a reason.

      Of course giving into cravings is a different story if it has something to do with F****** bacon.
      I will admit that craving heroin is a bit of an extreme example, because you are correct, the body first needs to be intoxicated with heroin to initiate that craving. But is it not different for carbohydrates? Do we not create cravings for carbohydates via overconsumption? Or are we all just born with a sweet tooth? Yes, we look for nutrients that are located in carbohydate containing foods, but that doesn't mean we're seeking carbohydrates. We're seeking the nutrients. No I'm not a carb hater. I love eating fruit.

      And I know this isn't a religion and we should all just do what the authors and big names say we should. However, to say that we should listen to our bodies when, for most people, the body is already corrupted, defeats the purpose of a lifestyle change in the first place. If we embarked on a mission of health under the flags of both a Primal lifestyle and listening to our cravings, that is counterproductive to some degree. Is it not ridiculous when somebody says they quit smoking, yet they smoke when certain triggers are activated? Thats like saying that you live a healthy lifestyle, except for when I'm not living a healthy lifestyle.

      Listening to your body CAN BE A GOOD THING. But only if your body knows what it should be asking for. And for most people who are metabolically deranged and know nothing besides what the mainstream has told them, listening to their bodies is a plan for failure.


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        Originally posted by primalmedic413 View Post
        Listening to your body CAN BE A GOOD THING. But only if your body knows what it should be asking for. And for most people who are metabolically deranged and know nothing besides what the mainstream has told them, listening to their bodies is a plan for failure.
        See my above response. I think that the majority of the "bad" choices people make when it comes to carbs is that they don't understand or care to educate themselves on what "healthy carbs" are. Obese people are constantly starving because the carbs they eat are void of nutrients. Give them a load of fruit and those cravings will reduce, in my opinion. Quality, not always quantity is best.


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          Just wanted to update - while the chicken breast technique did not work (a part of my brain still felt like it was missing something), eating a half-bowl of berries (blueberry/rasberry/strawberry combo) has definitely toned it down. I'm aware that these contain enough sugars on its own, but at least they're mixed with fibers to soften the effect.

          Interestingly, it doesn't seem like the brain cares whether the sugars are attached to fibers or not, still satisfies.


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            Evening sugar cravings are the worst for me. It is better the more strict and lower carb paleo I eat. I sometimes feel like I am starting over after I have a higher carb day. Fruit especially kinds I love and whatever is in season usually kills the cravings.

            If it is late and I it keeps me from sleeping I have had success with a small bowl of unsweetened applesauce warmed up with lots of cinnamon in it. That combo has the largest effect of killing the cravings for me.

            Thanks for all the good information others have posted. It is making me take a closer look at what is happening around the cravings and what else I can try to eliminate them.