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Leptin reset and exercise

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  • Leptin reset and exercise

    I know the Leptin Reset (Jack Kruse) is old news, but i've been doing it for about a week now and it's working wonders! The no snacking and big meals totally knocked out my blood sugar issues and I'm already down a few pounds. I didn't work out much last week, besides alot of walking my dog, but I'm already getting antsy and I miss lifting weights. Is it imperative that I don't work out? Dr. Kruse didn't go into too much detail about not working out- all he said was "do it after 5 if you must" but with no mention of intensity or anything.

    Has anyone done a reset while working out? Did it work? Should I not do it? I don't need to go balls to the wall, I just miss being more active.


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    JMO: Dr Kruse took two really solid pieces of diet advice that your grandma could have told you, 1)eat a good breakfast, and 2)No snacking. Then he dressed it all up and surrounded it with needless rules and folderol to make it a marketable "plan". The reason it works is those two core principals. The rest is window dressing.

    Bottom line, if you feel like exercising, do eeeeeeet. Have fun.

    p.s. I think the exercise prohibition grows out of the fact that some people have a really rough case of carb flu in the transitional stages. If that's not you, no need to restrict yourself.


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      I have kind of stalked Jack for some time out of morbid curiosity. When his Leptin Reset failed to produce results, he invented a super-strict cold bath regimen--still failed to produce. Then he said it was because of light after sunset--still no results. Then he said it was because Paleo doesn't have enough seafood, he invented epi-paleo--still no results. Now he is onto 'structured water', grounding, EMF avoidance, and some other freaky shit.

      Mark Sisson was very wise not to back this horse! Follow the Primal Blueprint for best results!

      (Or Grandma's advice)