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Does bone broth break a fast?

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  • Does bone broth break a fast?

    Is having bone broth during a fast still fasting or is it like having tea or coffee....calories too low to matter?

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    I think your eating all the particles and stuff in it, with a lot of water.

    So its like eating a little bite of meat, with a glass of water maybe?

    Is it fasting? Nah, I wouldn't say it is. But you could go on a broth binge and only drink that all day and see how you feel.


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      The gelatin content will depend on how it was made but if your goal is flat insulin I wouldn't chance it.

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        If you're eating bone broth rich in collagen, marrow, and fat, then yeah, it probably would. If you strain it all out, depending how much gets strained, then maybe not.
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