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Why did my fried egg in lard got stuck to the pan?

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  • Why did my fried egg in lard got stuck to the pan?

    I thought I'd try fried eggs in lard instead of butter.

    I heated the pan to the same level as usual and melted some lard on it. Then put the eggs on it.

    The eggs stuck to the pan. This didn't happen with butter.

    Do you have any ideas why?

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    Happens with coconut oil and ghee too for me. Butter is the only thing i will cook eggs in.


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      Higher water content perhaps.
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        This might sound whack but I learned recently at a cooking class that metal pans should be allowed to warm nearly to the temp you will cook at before adding the fat. And then letting the fat warm completely before adding the food to cook. That apparently reduces the sticking potential because the "pores" or whatever she called them change in the metal surface.

        I've been doing this w/ my cast iron and enameled pans -- but then I also agree w/ the previous posters and always use a 1/2 butter, 1/2 something else when frying eggs or veggies. This plus the prewarm seems to really keep from sticking.

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          All my eggs stick to the pan, no matter what.
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            Just recently got the Orgreenic pan and live it. Use my cast iron pan mostly in the oven.


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              1. Preheat pan.
              2. Preheat cooking oil.
              3. Add eggs.
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                You have to time this right, but this WORKS every time with every kind of pan...

                Heat the oil as someone earlier said--to temp you want to cook at. Be sure it's all melted...
                Cook eggs (and this is where the timing sets in) ALMOST what you want them done at..
                LET THEM SIT IN THE PAN WITH THE PAN TURNED OFF for a little while: experiment with your pan. If you let the pan cool a little with the eggs in them (which will continue to cook so be sure to time it right), they will slip out without sticking. I do this even when the cheese on top of the eggs dribbles into the pan, and the cheese never sticks. Ya just gotta play with it until you get your timing right. (I leave the eggs about 45-1 minute in the pan as it cools down. Never stick...).


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                  I used cast iron (not enameled), cook some bacon first, then cook the eggs, and there's only a little bit of sticking. I think getting the pan hot and then getting the oil hot as someone posted above is right. The other thing is plenty of oil (butter, bacon fat, whatever)! Also, if you're frying them, try adding a bit of water and putting a lid on so they steam--works great, even less sticking.