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Do you think eating well is a form of self-defense?

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  • Do you think eating well is a form of self-defense?

    I've been eating primally for quite some time now, and it's made a really noticeable difference in everything from my body composition to how I feel. Thinking about how bad most mainstream/commercialized food out there is for you, and about how all the top causes of death in the U.S. are health related, I wound up writing this article: on why I think nutrition should be considered a martial art (or at least a form of self-defense).

    I mean, when you think about it, you're over 13 times more likely to die from an illness than you are to die from physical trauma. If we take accidents out of the equation, you're over 100 times more likely to be killed by disease than murdered.

    So aren't you doing more to defend yourself by eating healthy than by learning to fight? Not to say you shouldn't do that as well, I'm a martial artist myself, but doesn't proper nutrition seem to be a little higher of a priority, statistically speaking?

    I was curious what the good folk over here thought about it, do you consider eating properly a form of self-defense? Do you think it even matters one way or the other, or do you think putting it that way might help people realize how dire it really is for them to chow through an entire box of Oreos?

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    I'd agree with the "self-defense" if it correlates to "self-preservation", though, by corollary that would mean we're being threatened by today's dietary options.

    I blame the big food co's.


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      Ok I just read your article. Interesting!

      My background is management and one of the first things we're taught is that corporations must find ways to outsource costs, that is, get others to pay for expenses; the environment or government etc.

      Totally agree on your "conspiracy theory". It's just corporations finding the cheapest materials that people would still buy. In which case...

      Eating PROPERLY today, should be a form of martial art...err...mental martial art?