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    Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
    Neither Neckhammer nor I said anything about being sold on pro or pre biotics. We just said eat real food and relax.
    Exactly. I said nothing at all about probiotics.

    I'm talking about what fiber really does. Feeds bacteria, which leads to more excretion of said bacteria. Hey if you like fiberous foods or cold potato then go for it! But, the problem that we have is the black swans. We have societies NOT eating tons of this who are healthy. Just saying, sure we can mark and measure various changes to the gut biome with more or less RS, but you cannot explicitly link those changes to an improved human condition. Not when there are so many instances of healthy humans that don't fit that model.

    You might be able to explain it as a sort of prescription for post antibiotic use or some other neolithic item that would require special consideration. There is always that way of looking at utilizing it, but I'm not sure.


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      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
      I'm talking about what fiber really does. Feeds bacteria, which leads to more excretion of said bacteria.
      Unless the idea is that by feeding the bacteria with fiber, you are providing the substrate they need to produce SCFA, which in turn feeds and protects your gut.

      I don't really think that part is very controversial. Lots of studies showing it. For me the question is that RS may not be the only way to get the bacteria to make SCFA.
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        Not to mention that some of us actually have no qualms about not pooping every single day.

        I would hope that as long as I eat natural foods, don't go overboard on obsessive hygiene and stay away from antibiotics that I should trust my body knows what to do and I don't have to worry about the little microbes in my gut. So much obsessive micromanaging of every little parameter of health doesn't seem, er, healthy.
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