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Struggling with junk food addiction or mindless eating? this might help

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  • Struggling with junk food addiction or mindless eating? this might help


    So, long story short: I was having lots of anxiety a few months ago, and researching it led me to discover "mindfullness" or mindful meditation. A meditation practice that aims to keep you or plug you into the moment.

    I'm reading this book Mindfulness: Mark Williams, Danny Penman, Jon Kabat-Zinn: 9781427217165: Books

    Still in the first few chapters, but they proposed something that I thought would be helpful to anyone struggling with some sort of addiction, for the sake of this forum it'll be a food addiction. Maybe you're basically primal BUT there's that ONE thing that you still eat a little too much of - hell, I know I do.

    In order to start teaching you how to be in the moment, the book proposes the "chocolate meditation" which is basically acquiring a type of chocolate you're unfamiliar with and eating REALLY SLOWLY.

    The Chocolate Meditation

    Spend at least 20-30 seconds per step.

    - take out a square and first, just look at it - REALLY look at it, notice it's texture, is it dark/light? is it shiny? how big is it? etc.
    - now, grab it, and feel it, is it smooth, rough? is it melting, what does that FEEL like?
    - next, smell it (you may need to place it in a spoon or something if it's getting too melty on your fingers) take in its aroma, does it remind you of anything? blah blah, smell that chocolate, and take your time with it.
    - next, pop that squre in your mouth and resist your natural desire to chew it, lick it or do anything to it. Just let it sit there and start melting in your mouth. Chocolate supposedly has over 300 flavors, can you distinguish any of these?

    Ultimately, the chocolate melts and you swallow it, the book asks you to try and track this process if you can (like, notice how it slides down your throat, etc)

    The point of the exercise is to really experience something, giving it your full and undivided attention.

    I thought, though, that this could be helpful for dealing with a food addiction. By slowing down how long the "ritual" takes, it may make you less prone to repeat it. Maybe you're like me and you get fake-hungry when you've watched TV for too long (which surely you don't do cus you're primal...) and reach for something stupid (because you're still buying that crap and/or you live with someone that is plotting to kill you via potato chips... they call it Ling Chi in China) but if this is a behavior you want to change, then taking a few steps such as turning off the tv and REALLY eating that "food," with your total attention, will be the catalyst for change. You may have enough time to reflect on the fact that it's fried in horrible oil, and has been manufactured to be just the right amount of crispyness, etc.

    Of course, you may just end up gulping up the whole thing and "failing" but part of mindful meditation (I'm not familiar with other types, so this may apply to all forms) is to try and not judge yourself should you get distracted or "fail."

    I'm going to start experimenting with it for sure. I figured I'd share.

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.

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    Well, that post made me want to eat chocolate. Great job.
    The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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      I think I'm failing on this. I'm on my 424th square of chocolate and I can't reflect on anything else than the fact that it's delicious. Oooops, excuse me I have to puke now.
      "It's true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the antichrist."


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        I have Mindfulness meditation CD's by John Kabbat-Zinn and they are really great. Relaxing too. I did this meditation but with a raisin. Maybe folks here would have better luck meditating with the raisin instead, lol!!!


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          Mindfulness is a great exercise for every aspect of one's life. Do one thing and do it fully. I hadn't thought of it in terms of a food addiction, but I think it's a great idea.
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            Yeah I haven't downloaded the meditation tracks, but I will, soon!

            Hard to make time to just sit still but I can feel how important it is even when I do small 5-10 min meditations.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.