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Grade my lunch please?

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    I think the OP has an open mind and good attitude. I don't see defensiveness.
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      Originally posted by liminal_luke View Post
      Hi EMonger!

      Well you asked to be graded and you were. Ouch! If the question is "how closely does what I ate line up with perfect paleo/primal guidelines?" the answer is "not all that well." That certainly gives you some good information. May I suggest though that you ask a slightly different question: " how well does my lunch fit where I am right now in my personal dietary evolution"? This is a question only you can answer. Consider the possibility that while your lunch might not make the grade in an absolute sense it might still represent a considerable jump in quality for you personally. Maybe you're not ready, for instance, to give up soft drinks altogether right now and what you ate was appropriate for YOU. Afterall, it's your lunch.
      I agree-it sounds like the op is newer to primal eating? If so, this lunch may be way better than what they were eating before. Not everyone can go from SAD to complete primal right from the start (or even want to at first). Personally, while I've totally embraced cutting out wheat, false sugars, processed snacks and fast food-my diet coke and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing will be the absolute last things I change, and I'm ok with this. For many, doing small baby-step changes makes this whole thing doable. Doing everything at once can be very overwhelming and there's more chance of not keeping with it. Op, just keep at it and you'll soon find your groove
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        Originally posted by EMonger View Post
        Ok, this was my lunch:.......Any comments or criticism?
        I read Primal Blueprint and realized immediately that to be successful with the Paleo lifestyle I would have to cook 99.99% of my meals. I have since lived up to that. I shop at organic grocery stores for grass fed beef, organic pork, lamb, chicken and goat, vegetables, full-fat greek yoghurt, berries, cream, butter from grassfed cows, organic pastured eggs etc, etc.

        Trying to do this by skidding into 7-11's and such will only cause frustration and minimal results. There's no way around it. You need to determine if you want to make the time commitment required to prepare wholesome and clean meals on a regular basis.

        Maybe this ends up being something that's not for you, but I can guarantee you that after a while your mindset will change and you'll automatically plan your day so you can fit this in without disrupting your life.

        And if you absolutely can't find the time to feed yourself with the right stuff, skip the meal(s) until you can. It may actually be more beneficial for you than you think.

        Good luck and keep trucking!!!
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          Well, the eggs and guacamole were the best part by far. The coke zero, ranch dressing, and salad all had something to be desired. The dressing has all sorts of nasty oils in it, and the coke still causes the insulin response. The salad is not the end of the world but you should still probably make your own.


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            Just wanted to list a favorite salad dressing for you:
            extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice in what whatever ratio floats your boat (I like half and half, but I've always loved sour things)
            1 clove grated garlic


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              Anybody who believes that a packet of pre-made ranch dressing is a better choice than a white potato has missed the point entirely.

              If you can get eggs and guacamole, an apple or banana and some real cheese, and a dressing-free salad, you can make an acceptable meal of it, even if it's not perfect. Rancid PUFA is my enemy # 1, with gluten (which is possibly in that faux lunch meat) coming in close behind at # 2.
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                Originally posted by pollo_la View Post
                Also, there are some simple Paleo salad dressings out there. Just google and look around. I actually came up with this one on my own (not 100% paleo because of the sugar though - you could probably use 2 T of honey in place of the sugar though???)

                1/4 cup olive oil
                1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
                1/4 cup Dijon or spicy mustard
                1/4 cup sugar

                Put in a container and shake it up! A VERY good dressing if you like something sweet with a little zip. obviously you can try to cut out the sugar. I am gradually reducing it as time goes by and my taste adjust to having less sugar.
                Try using Maple Syrup instead of sugar. Grade A I understand isn't as Maple tasting
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                  For something to drink get one of those sun tea type jars, slice lemons, cucumbers, berries, anything you want for that matter and throw them in. Fill with water and put in 'fridge. After at least 8 hours fill a few water bottles and you're good to go!!
                  Barb - Portland, Oregon

                  "Everything is as it should be given what has gone before. This is not an excuse but it is a reason"
                  ~ Dr G & Barb ~


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                    EMonger, welcome to Primal. There's so much to wrap your head around when it comes to diet isn't there?

                    I have found three simple things to avoid: flour, white sugar and vegetable oils.

                    That of course wipes out 99% of processed foods, but that's just a happy side effect (or... is it?).

                    Originally posted by EMonger View Post
                    But aren't I right in saying that primal eating avoids carbs--generally? Eliminate grains and anything processed, and eat meat, vegetables, fruit, and drink water or tea, right? I saw a paleo-revised food pyramid that was shaped like a dinner plate. One half said "meat" and the other was labeled "vegetables." I had no meat in my lunch, other than the meat in the salad, which was likely full of preservatives, and the rest was vegetables and eggs, other than the Coke Zero & dressing.
                    Oh, yeah, took a spicy V8, but forgot to drink it.
                    No, Primal isn't low carb. Although compared to a bread based diet it's much lower carb. I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a third or so of your calories from carbohydrates.

                    And "meat" is just code for a high quality protein source. You're already all over how awesome eggs are, but I think that tins of fish will work in your busy lifestyle as well.

                    Originally posted by EMonger View Post
                    Regular potatoes? I've read that they're on the "sucketh" list, and that rice, while not good, is only minimally bad. For someone trying to lose weight, shouldn't rice be avoided?
                    I think they are both absolutely fine. If what you want to do is lose weight (particularly vanity weight) then those are calories you can probably exclude, but they aren't bad per se. Here's Marks take on them.

                    Originally posted by EMonger View Post
                    Steep it in the fridge? I wouldn't think it'd be good to leave it out at room temperature, would it? That sounds like an idea worth trying...make a batch on the weekend, bottle it...
                    Yes, it would be find at room temperature.

                    p.s. The easiest lunch I have found to work around a busy schedule is.... no lunch at all! I have a big hearty fast based breakfast (typically bacon, eggs, mushrooms, avocado etc) and then a decent dinner as well.

                    Water is the only thing I have between meals.
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                    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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