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Need help on my primal journey

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  • Need help on my primal journey

    Hello again from Lübeck, Germany.
    I am fairly new to the primal lifestyle, but really like it.
    Please help me judging my primal diet as I am unsure, if the macronutrient
    composition is okay regarding my goals and body data.

    I'd appreciate some help to avoid making mistakes on my primal journey.

    I am 45year-old male, Height: 180cm Weight: 84 kg, app. 25% body fat
    I work in my own law firm, so I do not move all that much during work hours.
    Played soccer on a semi-pro basis (4th German division) until the age of 34.
    When I stopped the weight gain began from app.80 kg to eventually almost 94.

    I reduced my weight from 94 to 86 kg over the last 6 months including a 2-week fast.
    Before I discovered PB I was already exercising a lot using the Yayog app from Mark Lauren.
    I did the intermediate 10-week program twice in a row in the last three months. I was trying to eat healthy too,
    but only used CW to do so (tons of wholegrain bread... ah the stupidity... )
    Got frustrated, because I started to gain weight again for no obvious reason and did not see a reduction of body fat.
    Discovered PB, read it and started to go 100 % primal 2 weeks ago.

    My goal is to reduce my bodyfat to 10-15 percent while maintaining muscles, good health and body composition.
    I try to achieve this goal by reducing my carb intake to 50-100 gr/day and
    get the rest of my calories from protein and fat while also trying to stay at max 80/90 percent of my daily calory allowance,
    which is around 2500 calories per day over the week including 4-5 exercise sessions.

    To be able to track stupid mistakes I started to note and measure my food-intake a few days ago.
    I am not planning to count calories forever, but I wanted to be able to check for possible mistakes.

    So here is a summary of the macronutrient and calory intake for these days.
    I d appreciate some feedback if you notice mistakes in the composition of the macronutrients
    with regard to my goal of bodyfat reduction and muscle maintenance (ideally even growth):

    11.05. 2269 cal, 139gr. Fat, 87 C, 143 P
    12.05. 2059 cal, 78gr. Fat, 96 C, 161 P
    13.05. 2143 cal, 160gr. Fat, 72 C, 82 P
    14.05. 2245 cal, 149gr. Fat, 69 C, 161 P

    My weekly sports program looks usually like this:
    Lift heavy things program by Mark Sisson (lvls 4-6) twice
    Sprinting once
    Move slowly (9- holes of golf, carrying my own golf bag, no cart) 2-3 times.

    I am getting good sleep in a room with no other distraction than my wife
    and drink when I get thirsty, occasionally a few glasses of wine.

    Any suggestions ?
    Am I on the right track ?
    "Give a man a fire, and he's warm for a day. Set fire to a man, and he's warm for the rest of his life."
    Terry Pratchett

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    What you're doing sounds fine to me, and no, you don't have to track calories forever. Over time you will get a feel of how much to eat, and your weight should stay stable as long as you're within a reasonable range.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."