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New to Primal: Stomach upset

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  • New to Primal: Stomach upset

    Hi all. I am new to Primal (in my first week) and I am having some issues. I have been eating about 70% primal for the past year, but went 100% on Sunday. After I eat full fat, I feel ill. Horribly. Nauseous with some stomach pain. Is this something I just power through, gthat my body will adjust, or is it a bigger issue?

    Just wondering if some of you could offer some insight.



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    What specifically are you eating differently from when you were 70% primal? What does "full fat" mean to you?


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      I am eating eggs, nuts, avocado, and more meat. The meat is lean but I used to eat smaller quantities.


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        Stomach pain sounds to me like there is some food you are eating that disagrees with you. If your meat is not fatty, it won't be changing your macros. Back off on the eggs, nuts, and avocado, then add them back one at a time to see if it's one of them.


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          Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I may have added them all too quickly. I will add them slowly, one at a time and see what happens. Thanks again!


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            I get stomach pains from avocado almost every time that I eat it. Needless to say I've had to give it up.
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              When my wife went paleo/primal, she had some stomach upsets which cleared up after a while. She attributed it to the fact she wasn't used to so much fat, but imo it was down to her eating store bought mayonaise - too much omega-6. The wrong 'kind' of fat rather than too much fat in general. She's great now.