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  • Palm Oil Question

    I have a question about palm oil. I know red virgin oil is preferred, but living in Venezuela, that would be nearly impossible to acquire. I own a restaurant here and the fry oil we get is palm oil. It translates to "edible palm oil". It is a liquid and contains no trans fat - on the label at least. Any ideas on this product? Good oils are hard to find. Coconut oil is no where to be found except still in the 25 cent coconuts everywhere. Butter is very hard to find as well due to government controls. The people here think it is the satan of oils so I assume it may actually be desirably primal. Gracias y'all.

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    Sounds like refined palm oil (analogous to "light" olive oil). The main difference is that a lot of carotene and vitamin E is lost compared to red palm oil but I believe the fatty acid breakdown is the same (~50% saturated). It's probably fine for cooking. If it comes from southeast Asia it might not be eco-friendly.

    If you can find palm kernel oil, I think that's preferable and more similar to coconut (~85% saturated).

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      The first red palm oil that I bought here came from Columbia. You might be able to find it
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