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What Supplements Do You Take for Depression/Anxiety/Mood Problems & Why?

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    Two suggestions you might research and consider...

    (1) Neurotherapy: basically biofeedback for your brainwaves. People with anxiety and depression have different brainwaves from people who don't suffer from these problems, and bringing your brainwaves back into the normal range helps many. Nora Gedgaudas, who wrote Primal Body Primal Mind, is a neurofeedback practitioneer and I believe she wrote about it in her book.

    (2) Chinese medicine (both acupuncture and herbs): A qualified acupuncturist should be able to diagnose your condition according to the framework of chinese medicine and recommend a course of treatment combining acupuncture, chinese herbs, and lifestyle changes individualized to your particular situation.

    Hope this helps


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      I am reading this with much interest! My 19 yr old daughter became depressed last year while away at college.

      She is home now and I am looking for information that I can use to help her. I know there is much that can be done with supplements and I have read this whole thread and take notes. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories!


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        B-vitamin injections can work wonders for people that suffers from depression and/or anxiety...
        "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

        - Schopenhauer


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          True acceptance.
          Attention meditation.
          Clean food.
          Weight lifting.
          Vitamin D.
          Omega 3.
          No coffee.
          No stress.
          Quality sleep.
          Social activities.

          Try this when anxious or nervous etc...
          Breath out looooooong and sloooooowly, squeeze out all air, hold for a sec then naturally breath in, repeat.
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