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Blender-ed foods, soups etc. Whats the skinny on food you can drink.

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  • Blender-ed foods, soups etc. Whats the skinny on food you can drink.

    Heya I was thinking about this and cant come with a good answer. Paleo folks keep saying dont drink your food, smoothies etc are a huge sugar spike etc.

    I can understand how this works with a fruit smoothie but what about a roasted veggie soup or a borscht where you cook the veggies and then blend them into a kind of cooked smoothie?

    Do they still spike your blood sugar and no dont do it or does the it being a veggie soup, eaten with a spoon and not gulped make a difference?

    Can folks explain how drinking food affects us and if that food is a soup?
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    Do those soups not add any stock fluid?

    I make blended veg soups every week but they are very heavy/satiating from the broth and typically use lower-calorie plants (cauliflower, leeks, etc.) Meaning, X calories of vegetable soup versus X calories of fruit smoothie might have a similar impact but I couldn't actually eat that much.

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      Soups, by being liquid, are already kind of "pre-digested" a bit when they hit your system. This can be really good for getting all the nutrients out of them you need without your body having to work as hard to extract them. (Also a reason why soups are recommended for people recovering from accidents or illnesses.)

      If it's a sugary liquid like a smoothie, yes it will hit your blood sugar all in a rush. Savory soups however, particularly with a good fat content ideally from home made bone broth, would be great for you and not have this problem.

      Soups are a good way to use up veggies in the fridge that are a tad beyond their "best by" date. Blended up in a cream of <whatever> soup they are great.


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        I find that I don't feel satisfied or "full" after a liquid meal. But as long as the ingredients are fully primal and all, I don't see the problem with it. Although yes, because blended foods are already in a way, slightly digested, high sugar smoothies will hit you a bit faster and spike sugars more than eating the whole fruit simply would.
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          it can be very healing to eat vegetables raw that are very thoroughly ground up. It helps give the intestines a chance to heal from mechanical forces and can help fix Crohn's and IBS problems in my experience.


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            You can also slow down the sugar spike in fruit smoothies by:
            1) go easy on the fruit...just enough to add sweetness or to be a serving of fruit.
            2) add veggies to it for more fiber, because even though it is blended, you are still getting the fiber
            3) add fat- coconut milk :-)
            4) add protein


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              What everyone else said.

              Also, it's easier to consume liquid quickly. Eg. Make up a BAS with greens, some colored veggies, some protein, oil and vinegar. That might take you a good 15 minutes to eat. Throw the whole thing in a blender and drink it and you could probably get it all down in five minutes. So your body isn't registering the fact that it's getting nutrients until a few minutes later. This could make you think that you're still hungry.
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                Primal Fuel has become a staple here because I have braces and every 6 weeks or so I'm unable to chew anything for a few days and meat usually a full week at least
                That said I always add greens and usually just a bit of fruit.

                By the way, the chocolate Primal Fuel made with Coconut Milk, water, 1/2 banana and a couple frozen strawberries? Drinkable banana split!!
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