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shirataki noodles--are they primal?

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    The kelp noodles look good, and I'd like to try them. But I don't know about buying a case of 12 when I'm not sure if I'd like them. Amazon sells a 12-oz bag for $11.95, which is really expensive. Hmmm...maybe I'll try to find them in real life. I buy shirataki noodles from the local Asian grocery store. They're cheaper than Miracle Noodles (which is just a brand). Maybe they have kelp noodles too. I'll have to look for them the next time I'm there.

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      I use shiratake noodles in soups and stir-fries. They are great! I like that they do not go mushy or fall apart & you don't have to cook them and guess the mushy point. But, then again, I've never liked pasta....

      And, yeah, I buy mine shirataki in the Asia supermarket, they are like $1.50 for 2 cups of noodles.
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