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Food combining to smooth out insuline spikes?

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  • Food combining to smooth out insuline spikes?

    Are there any basic practices, if this is even possible, to lower relative GL / smoothing out insuline spikes by combining certain 'bad' with 'good' foods?

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    No combo I'm aware of, but if your insulin sensitive, there really is no problem, the spike is all part of it, it is the intensity and duration of the spike which counts.
    If you're not eating flour, grains or sugar and other sweetners, then you shouldn't have a problem, unless you juice a big load of fruit.
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      Yes, eat FAT with the high glycemic load food, supposed to blunt the insulin response.

      Personally I just don't eat sugar, solves the problem.


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        Fat, acid, and fiber seem to minimize peak blood glucose (good) but insulin is affected by other factors too.

        A lot of cuisines recommend a course sequence:
        1) raw or pickled vegetables (acid + fiber)
        2) meat/eggs/fish with non-starch roasted/sauteed vegetables (fat + fiber)
        3) starch or fruit as a palate cleanser

        Might be placebo but I seem to digest well when I do this.

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          Fat and fibers! Fat also helps in delaying alchohol absorbtion, so drinking a couple of "strong" bulletproof coffees before heading for heavy drinking works well I have heard...
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            Eat fat with the carb.


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              Thanks people.

              I don't eat / add (refined) sugar on a regular basis, there's some in my dark chocolate, no wheat, very few rice, even less other grains, I'd say none actually, maybe too much fruit at times but never juiced, just whole or pulverated as part of a smoothie. Do eat small portions of sweet potato couple times a week.

              Sequential eating sounds interesting.
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