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Bulletproof Coffee. Is It Holding Me Back?

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  • Bulletproof Coffee. Is It Holding Me Back?

    Each morning I have one cup of Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee via the beloved Aeropress. I've been using Kerrygold butter and organic coconut oil to make it "bulletproof".

    I use 2-3 tbsp of butter and 2-3 tsp of oil.

    I've lost almost 23 pounds since cutting out grains and gluten, and I'm on week 2 of a 3 day a week weightlifting program. I'm stuck at 154-155 at 65 inches tall, but I'm impressed with my rapid strength gains. I would like to be in the 145-150 range and get cut for vanity reasons.

    I'm not looking to become huge and muscular, and I have some definition already in my shoulders, triceps, abs, back, biceps and chest. I'm also naturally very vascular. When my body fat gets low, my veins in my hands and arms and neck look freakish.

    Should I cut out the Bulletproof coffee? It's the only dairy in my diet.
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    I wouldnt think that the milk solids in butter should do much, but they of course do something. Perhaps someone else around here can chime in what it breaks down into.

    Maybe try replacing your butter with coconut oil, even in your coffee! That might give you a more accurate assertion of what butter may do, or not do for you.

    Personally, I have excluded all dairy except in unpasteurized form.


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      Do you need it for the appetite suppression? 350~450 kcal is not unreasonable for a breakfast meal but they might be the least necessary calories you're taking in.

      My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list


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        It does work for appetite suppression. I have it at 0520 or so to 0700 each day. I'm not hungry until 1200 to 1300 and later some days.