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    I bought one of those $8 jars of organic almond butter and that was nastiest stuff I've ever had (threw it away after two bites). There is no substitute to PB.

    I haven't had nuts now in 3 months and I'm not going to intentionally seek them out, just never snacked in them preprimal.


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      Yeah, I bought a ridiculously expensive jar of Maranatha organic almond butter as a possible substitute to my beloved peanut butter. It tasted like broken dreams and tears.
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        Thanks for all the replies folks, there's some good stuff there. I don't think I'm ready to give it up just yet, although I could certainly stand to reduce the amount I eat. I tried almond butter and it was ok, but not the same. Like driving a yugo with a Porsche hood ornament, its not the same. Lol. I currently eat too much because its low carb, easy, quick, keeps me full with just a spoonful between meals, makes smoothies tastes a bazillion times better, goes great with extra dark chocolate chips as a "dessert", goes great with any fruit, the list goes on and on. The fact I'm dragging my wife into this primal way of eating is hard enough, she might get Old Testament on me if I tossed the peanut butter out. My diet is 80% better now then it was just 2 months ago. I have to keep telling myself not to take this too far because I have a strong weakness for carbs. Not soda or candy, but pasta and breads. I've reduced that almost completely. My only major source of carbs now is fruit and potatoes sometimes and I'm sticking with it which hasn't been my pattern.

        So, ill cut back some but keep it around for normalcy without going ballistic and eating a whole pizza. Lol. I'm doing the Athlean X program and really like that one ALOT. MUCH easier to fit into a family/work schedule then other programs. I will look for a higher quality peanut butter however and maybe use the vitamix to make my own.


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          What I don't like about almond butter is that for the most part it's roasted way too dark for my taste. And they grind it up with the skins on, which get stuck in your teeth. Ick.


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            Originally posted by Tlhfirelion View Post
            I will look for a higher quality peanut butter however and maybe use the vitamix to make my own.
            Whether or not it's healthier, the high price can help slow consumption.
            Using it as a flavorful dessert is probably the safest use. Going near the jar on an empty stomach is courting disaster since the amount needed to satisfy will be 7 trillion calories.

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              Lol @7 trillion calories. Amen to that.