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a big fat in energy

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  • a big fat in energy

    Hi, I am hoping I can get some answers.
    I have been primal for 2 and a bit months. Have done well, lost about 8-10 lbs
    pretty close to 85% I do have an outing once a month. This weekend was a bit odd in terms of choices, but what I had, didn't sway me to cheat continuously and I am back on track. so I use that as my 15%.
    My problem is that I seem to be having 0 energy lately. I function, I do my job, I work around the house, but come 6-8 pm I am done, for example tonite was zumba, half way thru I am yawning and start slowing down my paces. I just seem to shut down. This is horrible especially in the bedroom I have no desire to do that either

    What info I can offer is that I am 46 female, 165 lbs. Very low carb...still trying to lose weight. I try and work out with weights 2x a week and zumba 1-2x per week, then the usual, work, house etc. I had labs done in March and the only thing was Vita D was low. (normal for me) Sun is back and I have been supplementing 10,000 a day

    Any tips or tidbits gratefully taken here. \

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