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What is your favorite way to have eggs?

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    I forgot egg salad!

    I sub a little olive oil for the mayo mostly because homemade mayo in a household of one goes bad too quickly. The small amount of oil makes the egg salad really velvety.
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      Huevos rancheros.


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        I have recently been adding Redmond organic season salt to my fried eggs. Little slice of heaven right there.

        Real Salt Organic Season Salt | Redmond Trading Company


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          Mmmmm, fried in olive oil. I'd never had them done that way before I got here, but they are soooo good. They don't just coat the bottom of the pan so it doesn't stick; they literally fry it in the oil, as in the egg floats on the surface of the hot oil, and then they use a strainer thing to catch it and take it out. I absolutely love the flavor that the olive oil adds to the egg. And to throw that on top of some steak...first thing I am trying when I get home.


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            My favourite is boiled eggs (in the US you would call them soft-boiled). Put eggs into a pan of boiling water, start clock. Keep pan at a gentle boil. Pull'em out after 4 1/2 mins and put into egg-cups.

            I love to chop the top off, scoop out a couple of spoonfulls of white, then cut a long knob of butter (pref. kerrygold) and jam it in. Wait 30 secs for the butter to melt, then it is so delicious!

            3 or 4 like that all at once in a row is a pretty good breakfast!


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              Fried in coconut oil with some pepper and natural 'greek seasoning' and then dumped on a pile of fresh baby spinach so it gets all wilted with the eggy goodness.. Holy crap!