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What's your favorite dish to make en masse

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  • What's your favorite dish to make en masse

    Calling the chef in all of us!

    I'm basically going solo on paleo in a house of 5 other people. So I'm thinking about doing batch cooking but other than soup and and egg bake what else do you make and freeze for consumption through the week. Also I'm trying to lose weight so I'm preferably looking for low(er) carb dishes. Thank you!
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    Hey CBug,

    There are a ton of batch cooking blogs that will have sources of info- like
    'Once a Month Mom' ( Freezer Cooking Paleo Menu | Once A Month Cooking tips from Once A Month Mom) - though I think you have to pay for that last one ...

    I tend to have a low boredom threshold, so normally cook enough for 2 or 3 meals and freeze a couple- also, most frozen meals will need to be eaten within a few months (YMMV) so to avoid wastage I don't go nuts.

    Good luck!


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      Meatloaf, chicken thighs & drumsticks, meat balls, burger patties, sausages. The only meat I cant batch prep is bacon. I eat it like candy.

      I should add....I don't make alot of 'dishes'. Most of the time we eat straightforward meat, veggies, salad, & starch (for those who want it).
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        maybe weird suggestion here but, I make jalapeno "poppers" to take to parties but they also make excellent snacks and I imagine they would freeze ok also (nice to come home to them) - jalapenos halved, seeds and insides removed, fill with cream cheese (not too much, add seasonings if you like, garlic or perhaps ground meat); wrap each in 1/2 a bacon slice (I secure with two toothpicks because the bacon will shrink while cooking), cook on rack 400 F 30 minutes or till bacon is done to your liking. VERY simple and relatively cheap ingredients, tastes so good they are basically impossible to screw up, they just take some time in labor to cut/core/fill/wrap so allow yourself an hour to do a rack-full. Also very low-carb and very tasty and you can make a meal of a few of them; but be warned, non-paleos will eat these without pause too...
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          Ground organ meats (heart and liver, mainly) with veggies to make a chilli that can be served on it's own, or (if you're like me) as nachos on sweet potato fries or on white rice. Nom.
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            I make a casserole/frittata-esque thing when I am feeling lazy. You can make a much a you want and freeze in individual portions.

            You need:

            Your favorite ground meat
            Your choice of leafy green veggie (I use about three cups per lb of meat)
            Almost any spice blend you can think of

            Beat about seven eggs per lb of meat ( so 1 lb = 7 eggs, 2 = 14, etc.)
            Brown meat in a big pot. If cooking a leaner meat such as bison or even beef, add a few tablespoons of coconut oil or butter once almost cooked. For fattier meats like ground pork or lamb, this is not necessary.

            Add eggs and stir constantly until eggs are nice and fluffy and have cooked around the meat, add greens for a few minutes, still stirring to prevent sticking and burning to the pan.

            And that is it! Done! Freezes VERY well and serves as sort of a full meal in one dish. And goes well with a side of real, fermented sauerkraut.
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              Whilst not my "favourites" per se, I usually make 1-5kg roasts and bake my potatoes in bulk as well. Just saves so much time!
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                Anything mince related! Chili, meatballs, burgers, hash,whole chicken, big lump of pork neck/shoulder, bolognese...I will portion out the chili and bolognese into freezer bags and freeze, the rest i just put into containers in the fridge.


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                  Not to freeze, but something I like to make a big pot of, and then eat a scoop every day:

                  Sweat a thinly sliced onion in 2T of butter or bacon grease in a large pot. (Melt fat, and onions, cover, cook over very low heat until onions are sweaty-about 10-15 min). Cram sliced greens- chard, turnip, cabbage, kale into the pot. About 3-4 bunches. Add some broth and sliced bacon or ham hock, and cook for about two hours on low, add broth as necessary to keep moist.

                  So good! Just gets better as it sits in the fridge, up to about a week.


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                    I always cook in batches. My big pan specials are borcht or Shi and various meats (or sausage) braised with onions, celery, cabbage, carrots and canned tomatoes. Don't have to freeze - cabbage dishes are notorious for getting better and better as leftovers. Meatzzas also hold up well, and every kind of roast or roast birds. We start with fresh roasted slices, and on day 3 leftovers make a pot of soup with bone broth made from the extracted bones.
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                        Haven't read the whole thread, so sorry if someone already mentioned this, but I tend to make "separates". I'll buy one of those great big economy packs of ground beef, cook the entire package then divided up into whatever portions I might need (for me, single portions) and freeze. That can then be combined with a "chili" or soup, etc. I also do that with chicken--I'll buy thigh meat, cut it up and cook that, then freeze in individual portions...that can be put into a stir fry, etc. I'e made egg muffins...just egg with various fillings and a little cream and cheese and froze those. Before primal, I would also cook a big pot of rice and freeze that individually, then use it with the chicken, etc. I've been sick this week, so I've used the rice all week trying to calm things down, lol.

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                          I like to cook up meat in big batches. Freeze some and keep some in the fridge. Then I prepare some vegetables and or sweet potatoes in the manner of my choice, chop up the meat and put it on top. I'll make a big enough pile of this to have leftovers for another meal. So there are basically two levels of having stuff ready to go.

                          One kind of meat that was really good made in a large batch was a large hunk of fresh tuna. I marinated it in garlic/ginger/soy sauce and cooked it whole in the oven. It came out really moist cooked as a very large piece.
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