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Exercise and weight loss (or lack thereof) article in today's NY Times

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  • Exercise and weight loss (or lack thereof) article in today's NY Times

    This kind of article rears its head every now and again (exercise won't help you lose fat!) and usually stirs up the pot with lots of back and forth in the comments. First time I've seen such in the New York Times, worth a read. Some interesting points, including the final paragraph where a study was done where the only difference was whether people sat or stood all day. Hundreds of calories different, no hunger increase...

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    Just when I thought they were slowly doing some good, they go and release this. What a joke.
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      I like to look at weight loss (though I've never lost weight myself) as a rocket ride to the peak of good health and weight is lost as a consequence. The "you don't lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight" mantra. And without a doubt exercise has an important role in that regardless of its effects on the actual weight loss.

      I have a hunch that they were just doing it wrong though. Running oneself ragged on a crosstrainer for an hour is going to be useless, but what about a brief (like 30 minutes with 10 as warmup and cooldown) interval training session that utilizes strength exercises?

      Either way a lot of dumb people are going to take something like this as an excuse not to exercise.
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