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  • Butter

    Since going primal and cleaning out my fridge/pantry of all non-primal foods. I have a few times found myself in the following situation:

    It is 9pm, I ate a big dinner but am hungry again (I'm pretty active) and I don't feel like cooking anything.

    A recent solution I've come upon is just grabbing a stick of butter, slicing off a few pats, and eating it like that.

    Am I the only one? Is this completely disgusting? For other butter lovers do you have any cool primal butter based snacks?

    I might start making some compound butters to use for my steaks etc and as a late night snack as well.

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    We certainly do. I butter (well ghee, I think I have a casein sensitivity) my bacon
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      Yes, I do. Great way to stave off hunger. A spoonfull of coconut oil works well too.


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        I do that with butter or coconut oil. I recently found some organic pastured butter and the flavor is amazing. I'd rather eat it right off the stick than fry it with something.


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          I do that. no shame!


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            I'm actually having trouble because I hate butter
            I remember when I was a kid I'd run from the house if anyone used it to sauté... and there was no getting me near movie theatres. The only instances I had ever liked butter were when it was garlic butter or spread thinly on flour tortillas. I think I've i'm going to try and like it, garlic butter on fish will be the doorway to that.

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              I just bite off a chunk when I feel hungry.
              A steak a day keeps the doctor away